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3 Ways OneDrive Supports Your Remote Workforce

3 Ways OneDrive Supports Your Remote Workforce

As workers begin settling into remote working, one pressing issue is how to communicate and collaborate with their team and customers effectively. Microsoft’s OneDrive allows your remote team to work anywhere on various devices, with access to their files. Most importantly, OneDrive allows your team and customers to collaborate on and offline securely. Here are three benefits to using OneDrive with your remote team.

First, What is Microsoft OneDrive?

OneDrive is a cloud-based storage platform that allows the sharing of documents, files, and folders, in one convenient location accessible online. In other words, OneDrive is a secure online space to store and even work on documents. It’s deeply integrated into the Microsoft Office applications that almost all of us use every day, and in a pinch, can even let you open and edit Office documents on a device that doesn’t have Office installed. OneDrive is security conscious, allowing you to control who sees and can edit your documents.

Three Ways OneDrive Supports Your Remote Workforce

Store and Access Your Files

A big concern of remote workers is the ability to access needed files that may be stored in different locations and have different levels of permissions for access. There's nothing more frustrating than needing a document but being unable to access it because it's not in a shared location. The combination of OneDrive and Microsoft 365 lets your remote team store all their files in one place. Even better, these files are backed up and secure, a critical benefit for remote workers. For businesses or individual departments that don’t necessarily need to remote into the network, this could mean rapid access to all the tools and files they might need. If a salesperson needs quick access to a series of brochures or a PowerPoint presentation, they can pull them up very quickly or even have the document sync to their device.

Allow for Easy Collaboration

One of the recurring concerns when considering a remote workforce is the reduction of communication and the corresponding collaboration. Let's face it; working remotely will never quite have the same level of comradery as sitting together in an office. However, you can come close when your team has their files stored in OneDrive. With OneDrive, you can have smooth and effortless collaboration, allowing your team and clients alike the ability to, for example, co-author a document in real-time, and leave feedback in the margins through comments. Moreover, with native integration with Microsoft 365, your team will have access to the full suite of productivity tools.

With OneDrive, Security is Built-In

While a remote workforce can be the difference between keeping your business open or having to close, there are reasonable concerns to have when enacting a remote workforce. In particular, how secure your teams' data (and de facto, yours) will be. There's no getting around the fact that your team will always be your weakest link to data security. Only now, they are out of the office and away from your IT department. A data breach or not, now more than ever, you need to ask yourself if you will be in business six months from now.

Fortunately, OneDrive with Microsoft 365 makes it easy to manage how your remote workforce interacts with your data. Some security measures OneDrive enables include.

Remote Working Is Here To Stay

Businesses will have to adapt to the post-coronavirus work environment and that means embracing a remote workforce. KT Connections understands this may be a new experience for many of you, and we're here to help. We have a wide range of solutions designed to get you up and running and to remain that way. Call 605-341-3873 today to learn how we can help you adapt to the new normal.

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Tuesday, September 22 2020

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