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4 Ways Managed IT Can Increase Your Bottom-line

4 Ways Managed IT Can Increase Your Bottom-line

Unfortunately, too many businesses treat their technology as a burden and not an investment. Despite this mindset, technology remains an essential asset to your success. When properly implemented it can directly impact your ability to generate revenue. Take a moment to learn how Managed IT Service can improve business financials.

What is Managed IT?

Managed IT is a service that manages your business technology, allowing your team to focus on their jobs and not their computers. Managed IT covers a wide range of services including cybersecurity, vendor management, and of course everyday maintenance of your technology infrastructure. The goal of managing IT is to treat your technology as part of your overall business strategy, and not as a separate entity.

Managed IT differs from traditional ‘time & materials’ support because that old model is designed to be reactive, seeking to solve a problem after it affects your business. Conversely, managed IT is proactive, where we monitor and maintain your critical systems so fewer problems happen. Managed IT prevents downtime, the resulting loss of productivity, and can help your business’ bottom line in several ways:

Managed IT Increases Productivity

Successful businesses recognize the importance of maintaining uptime because downtime costs money. Many companies understand the consequences of a computer crashing or their network going down, and how it affects their team’s productivity and ultimately their bottom line. However, managed IT can increase your business’ productivity in more ways than keeping your workstations up and running.

For example, while spam may seem innocuous, spam can have a significant effect on your team’s productivity. Not only is spam a vector for ransomware; your team will spend considerable time sorting through it. We are able to reduce spam with intelligent filtering, preventing spam from reaching your team’s inbox. Not only does this increase productivity, but it also reduces the chance that a phishing email or other types of threats slip through, exposing your system to potential compromise.

Get Expert-Level Support

Your team is your most significant business investment, and the more experienced they are, the more valuable they are to your organization. Conversely, hiring full-time, high-level technicians can be an expensive endeavor for your business. Working with KT Connections allows your business access to enterprise-level experts at a fraction of the cost of training and hiring an in-house team. This translates to spending less time troubleshooting issues or, worse, learning how to solve a problem and more time experimenting which solutions will work best.

Economy of Growth

When working with KT Connections, you don’t have to worry about your business outgrowing your technology or surprise costs. We act as your virtual CIO (vCIO), working closely with you to budget out your IT and give you as much notice as possible when it becomes time to look into upgrades and license renewals.

Control Over Your IT budget

There are few things as expensive as an emergency. There will always be associated costs that a crisis brings with it, and far too often, businesses aren’t properly prepared. When it comes to the technology your business relies upon, a sudden disruption of services will negatively affect your bottom line. Unexpected downtime, regardless of the cause, will cost your business financially.

Managed IT is designed to prevent unexpected disruptions in a variety of ways. The primary method is the utilization of 24/7 monitoring which ensures your systems are stable. You don’t have to worry about your systems failing when you need them the most with managed IT.

Our services offer predictable monthly costs, allowing your business to manage expenses better because you know exactly how much your technology budget will cost. Moreover, your managed IT partner will provide you the clarity and flexibility to invest in which areas of technology you feel will benefit your business.

South Dakota Businesses: Is Managed IT Right for You?

If you have relied on the break-fix method to maintain your technology, chances are you’ve had unexpected downtime which affected your bottom line. The reality is if your team can’t work, they aren’t generating income. While the break-fix method of maintenance may have made sense in the past, that was in the days before technology and business became so intertwined.

For example, if you’re relying on the break-fix method, a ransomware attack would have already taken your systems offline before you contact your IT resource. As you can imagine, waiting until the malware has taken root before you’re able to take action considerably limits your ability to recover your data and get back to business. 

Managed IT on the other hand provides 24/7 monitoring, offering a greater opportunity to intercept a cyberattack before it has time to gain access to your data. Moreover, as managed IT combines a variety of services into one solution, your business will have a comprehensive technology plan, as opposed to one composed of individual services. In the case of cybersecurity, a comprehensive plan will include a number of services that work together to harden your defenses.

South Dakota businesses, if you have suffered downtime due to your technology failing and feel managed IT sounds like a better fit for your organization’s needs, call KT Connections today to schedule an appointment at 888-891-4201. We have the experience to keep your budget on track and your technology up and running.

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