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5 Tips to Make You More Productive in Microsoft 365


As you already know, Microsoft 365 provides users with a wide range of features designed to enhance productivity. However, with so many features at a user's disposal, it's no surprise that so many users only use Microsoft 365 in the most basic of ways. Here are five Microsoft 365 features to kick your productivity into high gear!

Microsoft 365 integrates your Microsoft apps and services so that your team can communicate in a collaborative, seamless method. Of particular importance in this remote workforce orientated business environment is that you can do so no matter where your employees are. Microsoft 365 is used by over 600,000 companies in the United States alone. Despite Microsoft 365's wide acceptance, many users aren't utilizing it to its full potential. Here are five tips to make your team more productive when they are using Microsoft 365.

Allowing Multiple People to Edit a Document

Collaboration is vital in today's business environment. The ability to communicate and work with your team is critical to success. Instead of emailing a document or waiting for a team member to save a change, now everyone can edit a document at the same time! Whether it is in Word, PowerPoint, or Excel, you can see the changes in real time as they are making them. Regardless of the device used, offline or online, once you enable co-authoring you can now work while coordinating with your team. 

Turn On SharePoint's Alert Me function

While Microsoft 365 is designed for collaboration, there are times when you may miss an update you're waiting for, reducing any productivity gains you acquired by collaborating. By taking advantage of SharePoint, you will no longer miss updates if you activate SharePoint's Alert Me function. Once done, you'll be automatically emailed or even texted when changes are made to a file or Library.  

To set an alert for a single document, go to Files or Documents, Alert Me, and Set Alert on This Document. Lastly, you can even set alerts for list or Library items. Following the same system, select the item or Library you'd like an alert for.  

Manage Permissions

When you’re assigning permissions, keep in mind that an employee should be given the least amount of permissions needed to get the job done. Microsoft recommends assigning two to four global administrators—giving them unlimited access—as this is sufficient to manage the accounts while reducing access to the rest of the team. Doing so will reduce the amount of time your IT department will have to spend trying to manage more users than they need to.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Once it becomes second nature for your team to use shortcuts, they will find that their productivity will soar. It’s often second nature for your employees to use shortcuts when working in Word or PowerPoint. Shortcuts or key commands save time and make using and navigating menus and tasks much more straightforward. No more hunting for the correct menu item or navigating a mouse.

Here is a list of Microsoft 365 keywords for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Try them today!

Use Microsoft Teams More

While it’s not uncommon for businesses to use multiple applications to communicate with their staff and clients, Microsoft Teams offers turnkey solutions to your communication objectives. Instead of going outside the Microsoft ecosystem, consider using Teams for video conferencing. With Microsoft Teams, your business can host 1080p calls with up to 250 members, including the ability to share screens and record calls. Moreover, Teams can record their meetings and transcribe them as well, all from within Teams.

To transcribe a meeting, open the recording and go to the Edit option. Under Video Language, select English, click Auto-generate a Caption File and then Apply.

Lean on KT Connections as Your Microsoft CSP

If any of these tips and tricks are new to you, consider consulting with South Dakotas’ Microsoft specialists, the team at KT Connections. Microsoft-certified, we are familiar with Microsoft 365 and the whole range of Microsoft hardware and software solutions. Moreover, as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) KT Connections can provide your business with the expertise to make the most of your cloud solution or set you up with something new.

Call 888-891-4201 today to schedule an appointment and make the most out of Microsoft 365.

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