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5 Ways Managed Information Technology Helps You Win in Business

5 Ways Managed Information Technology Helps You Win in Business

Everyone knows the value of good tech support; when you need your computer repaired because an issue is preventing you from getting work done, you call a professional to get your PC fixed. It’s easy to compare it to a plumber or a roofer—most people tend to only call on them when there is a problem.

Our core service, managed IT, is a little different than the typical idea of calling tech support to fix something. Sure, you still get access to technical support, but the work we perform on a day-to-day basis is more preventative, so ideally you won’t have situations where you need to call a professional because you can’t get your work done.

What is Managed IT?

Managed IT is a catch-all term that incorporates a wide range of services, designed to provide tech support and ongoing proactive maintenance to the technology your business depends upon. The goal of managed IT is to increase uptime while reducing expenses due to inefficiencies within your technology infrastructure, which can slow your team down.

Unfortunately, many businesses treat their technology as an afterthought; for them technology is something to be tolerated, not invested in. However, in today’s competitive market, technology is essential for a business to operate at the level of efficiency to remain competitive. The reality is if you want to keep your business profitable, you don’t just need technology but technology that works.

The reality is if you don’t invest in your business technology, instead opting to wait to fix things when they break, sooner or later, your technology will fail when you need it the most. Moreover, without a plan in place, your technology is at the mercy of a technician’s timetable, which means so is your business. 

Downtime is expensive. While a single workstation being out of commission for an afternoon might not seem like it has massive consequences, the results stack up quickly. Now an employee is behind, and needs to catch up or put tasks off. A project could be late, or a proposal might get delayed causing the loss of a potential sale. What if an issue occurs that affects the productivity of several employees, or an entire department, or the entire company? Suddenly things get pretty grim and stressful. That’s an expense—an unexpected, costly expense. This is what proper IT management is proven to prevent.

How Does Managed IT Help My Business?

Managed IT helps your business because it gives your organization the ability to continue to operate (and generate income) over the long term by increasing your technology’s stability. Managed IT provides a wide range of services designed to keep your business up and running. Here are some of the ways managed IT can help:

  • 1. Increased Security

Cybersecurity: If you lose access to your data, your business will not be able to operate. Ransomware is a real threat to your business, regardless of what industry or size. 

Physical security: While most of the focus is on cyberattacks, traditional attacks against your business’ physical structure remain at risk. One of the best ways to keep an eye on your business is to install security cameras. Security cameras are often an efficient and effective method to protect your business.

Because these devices are governed by the rest of your IT, and a portion of your overall business technology, they need the same care and management in order to continue to work as expected.

  • 2. Reduced Downtime: 

As we noted earlier, relying on break/fix hourly computer repair or tech support to maintain your systems is reactive. Successful businesses aren’t reactive, they are proactive and strive to control as much of their business as they can. Waiting for something to break, instead of having a maintenance and monitoring plan in place, places the control of your business to fate.

  • 3. 24/7 Network Monitoring:

When it comes to your business, surprises usually aren’t a good thing. Walking into the office, and finding a burst water pipe above your server room, or getting locked out of your entire network due to a ransomware attack are not good surprises. Even something as simple as a hard drive failure can be catastrophic if you don’t have a viable backup in place. This is where remote monitoring comes into play, by preventing unexpected problems with your technology from happening. 

  • 4. Ongoing Backups and Daily Testing

Disasters rarely happen when you’re in the office. An important feature of remote monitoring and maintenance is its ability to keep an eye on your systems even when no one is in the office. The beauty of RMM (Remote Monitoring and Maintenance) is that it detects problems so quickly that it could save your business from a day of downtime. Going back to the burst pipe scenario though, usually, a natural disaster is going to be catastrophic from the very get-go. That’s why having a backup, managing that backup, and testing the backup every day is critical.

You absolutely don’t want to be put into a situation where you need your backup to work for you, and it fails.

  • 5. Control Over Your Budget:

Managed IT can help your organization become more efficient, which in turn can reduce your expenses. Technology is often seen as an expense, but the purpose behind all the computers, servers, and software is to make your business more effective and more profitable. We help optimize that, as well as help prevent your profits from being sunk into fixing unmanaged technology as it breaks. 

Call South Dakota’s Managed IT Experts

South Dakota businesses shouldn’t have to settle for downtime due to issues with the technology they depend upon. Managed IT prevents your business from being put on the sidelines due to an unexpected technology issue. Managed IT is the solution you can rely upon. Call KT Connections today to schedule an appointment at 888-891-4201.

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