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A Business Doesn’t Need to Be Technological to be Cutting-Edge

A Business Doesn’t Need to Be Technological to be Cutting-Edge

Depending on your business, and your personal disposition towards technology, you might have different feelings towards the role technology has for your business. It’s not wrong to have a “don’t fix what isn’t broken” attitude when it comes to making sure payroll happens on time. 

That said, properly implemented technology can take a more traditional service or product and make it stand out for your clients and customers. Let’s take a look at how this is happening in Sioux Falls.

If you look at the lawn care industry, it’s pretty easy to imagine low-tech businesses that just need lawnmowers, trimmers, and other traditional equipment. One service is standing out among the rest by implementing modern technology in a smart, creative way.

Consider our new neighbors here in Sioux Falls, the lawn care service provider GreenPal. I don’t think anyone would argue that mowing lawns aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when considering advanced technological solutions. However, while mowing lawns may not require these solutions, providing access to these lawn care services via an application does.

By using modern business capabilities, GreenPal is better enabling themselves to connect with their clientele, adding significant value with a relatively basic technology solution. Matching their particular services with the people who need them.

Let’s examine a few business types and the IT they should be using, that may not be immediately obvious to the outside observer.

How Different Industries Can Use Technology


Granted, engineering firms may be one that most would assume utilize some technology, but some solutions that engineering firms utilize may not be the ones people would associate with their needs. There is, of course, 3D printing and such, as engineers need to produce prototypes to test their designs - but there are also needs on the managerial side of things, like inventory and project management. These solutions will be crucial for a manufacturer to successfully maintain operations, especially as the IIoT gains larger footholds in industry.


Healthcare, naturally, could benefit from implementing various IT solutions, such as electronic medical records, saving money and becoming more efficient. However, there are once again other needs that need to be attended to - like getting patients to their appointments, for instance. This is why healthcare providers benefit from tools that automatically notify their patients of upcoming appointments, and web portals that help to keep the communication between patient and provider open.


A law firm has assorted needs that can all be fulfilled with the right IT solutions. With so many forms, contracts, agreements, and other critically important materials to maintain, a document management solution will be equally critical to keeping them all organized. Furthermore, legal matters have become more and more mobile in recent years as business has, which makes mobile-friendly solutions like e-signing and online remote meetings that much more important.

These have just been a few examples of how industries can have hidden IT needs. There are many, many more - we’ve barely scratched the surface here.

For help from a provider who takes the time to understand your needs (hidden or not), reach out to the professionals at KT Connections. To learn more about what we can do for your business, in particular, manufacturing IT, give our team a call at 605-341-3873.

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