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After 25 Years, Hosted VoIP Has Matured


When many of us think about VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), we remember what it was like to be early adopters of a technology which could be hit or miss at best. With issues like sound quality and connectivity, any potential savings were negated. After all, saving money isn’t really saving if you can’t communicate with your client when they call and your brand is diminished in their eyes as a result. Those issues - in combination with prior experience with consumer-level VoIP systems - may have tainted how some people and businesses feel about VoIP.

Having said that, the thing we should all consider is that those early experiences were just that, early experiences.

VoIP technology is nearly 25 years old and with this maturity comes the stability your business requires, and most importantly, can rely on. Today’s Hosted VoIP systems are more than stable enough to replace your existing telephone system.

What’s a Hosted VoIP?

Hosted VoIP is a virtual phone system. It operates like a traditional PBX system would, although it is hosted in the cloud.  Being a cloud-based service, Hosted VoIP offers many advantages over a conventional phone service or even in-house VoIP system. The primary benefit that hosted VoIP brings to your small or medium-sized business is cost savings. In real-world use, a hosted VoIP can cost a lot less to set-up and maintain than on-premise PBX service.

Like other hosted services such as hosted server and hosted desktop, hosted VoIP allows your communications infrastructure and its maintenance to be handled by the cloud provider. This  relieves you of both the responsibility and the expense of maintaining it yourself. There’s no physical hardware, technology, or staff to manage, allowing you to focus on communication rather than maintenance.

Advantages of Hosted VoIP

Being a small to medium-sized business, your budget may limit your ability to compete with enterprise-level competitors. However, accessible technology solutions can often allow you to be more competitive than ever before, by providing many of the same services at a price-point you can work with.

Some features of hosted VoIP include:

  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Recording
  • Unified Messaging (Voicemail-to-Email)
  • Audio Conference Bridge
  • Auto Attendants
  • Simplified Management
  • Unlimited domestic long distance
  • And many more!

These features and more allow your team to interact with your customers at a level that rivals what the “big guys” can provide. This allows for an increased level of productivity from your team, as they have access to a wealth of advanced communication services, services which (due to their cloud-based design) are easy to deploy and learn. VoIP being cloud-based allows your team to leverage their cloud-based applications with access to your resources from wherever they are, increasing opportunities for collaboration.

As you can see, Hosted VoIP is no longer the hit-or-miss business solution that it used to be. If you would like to see if Hosted VoIP is a viable solution for your business, or if you need more information, give us a call at 605-341-3873, or fill out our form to Contact Us.

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