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Assessing Your IT is Key to Optimizing Your Business


Let me ask you a question… would you rather your business continue through pure inertia, running through the momentum you generated once upon a time, gradually running out of gas until stagnation sets in, or, would you rather address the issues your business presented so they could be resolved and growth encouraged? I know which I would prefer.

In order to accomplish the latter option, you need to make sure your IT remains sufficient for the needs of your growing business.

One effective means of doing so is to fully assess your infrastructure. Doing so will enable you to identify your IT’s shortcomings and therefore, the most appropriate means of attending to them. This knowledge is critical to your business’ continued success, which means that your assessment needs to be completed to meet certain standards.

What Your Technology Assessment Needs to Address

In order for your assessment to be effective, it needs to cover a variety of considerations. Your assessment should evaluate:

  • Overall IT Management Quality - You need to make sure that the IT your business leverages is properly configured and maintained. A properly carried-out assessment will allow you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current approach, empowering you to optimize how you are using your resources.
  • The Security of Your Network and Data - If your technology isn’t properly secured, your likelihood of successfully running your business is reduced to effectively nil. Your assessment needs to address the security requirements that your business has, ensuring that your security is up-to-date and prepared to protect your data.
  • Your Network Design - As was the case concerning your technology management, you need to be sure your network is configured correctly so that it can support your business’ needs of it. Ensuring that resources are accessible by those who need them without bogging down your network’s performance through inefficiencies should be your end goal.
  • Your Network Software - In addition to being configured to support your operational productivity, your network also needs to be equipped to do so. The software that powers your network needs to be appropriately installed and updated if you want your business to accomplish all it should be able to, securely and efficiently.
  • Your Server Infrastructure - A big part of running a successful business is to optimize how your resources are used - or to put it another way, to eliminate inefficiencies. Confirming that you have a properly designed server infrastructure will inherently trim away any bottlenecks that might leech away at your business’ productivity or efficacy.
  • Your Administrative Policies - What checks and balances do you have on your information technology to prevent it from being misused or abused? Setting administrative policies on your network and infrastructure allows you to maintain that much more control over what happens on your network, allowing you to optimize your business’ internal processes.
  • Management of Your Mobile Devices - Mobile devices will have a guaranteed presence in your office in this day and age. While they could easily pose a security threat, the right policies can turn them into a business asset.

Many of these processes are very closely tied to the activities that make up any effective Backup and Disaster Recovery strategy - another important consideration to keep in mind, especially with the storm season approaching. Stay tuned for more information on preparing yourself for these kinds of disasters.

Why You Need an IT Assessment

Allow me to ask you one more question - if there was an issue that was currently affecting your business that resolving could bring added benefits, wouldn’t you want to be aware of it?

This is precisely why an IT assessment is such an asset. By identifying potential vulnerabilities, opportunities, and other variables within your IT, an assessment puts you in a more informed (or in other words, better) position to make critical business decisions.

Lean on KT Connections to Assess Your IT!

The team of professionals I have here at KT Connections has the capability to examine your network, evaluating it and identifying any shortcomings (like the potential ones we discussed above). From there, we can come up with the solutions you need to bring your IT to where it needs to be, and assist you in implementing them.

We’ve done this for many, many businesses in the past. In fact, we’re proud to say that we’ve helped some of them to outgrow our services.

I’d appreciate the chance to show you how assessing your IT can be a huge business benefit. That’s why I’d like to offer you a free assessment so that we can identify where you may need to make some adjustments - or ideally, where you should be staying the course where your technology is concerned.

If your IT does need some work, and you don’t want to have to worry about it in the future, consider our managed IT services. We can assist you in maintaining your IT solutions, proactively preventing issues before they create any problems. Reach out to us at 605-341-3873 to learn more.

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