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Brown County Computer Outage Shows The Importance Of Managed IT

Brown County Computer Outage Shows The Importance Of Managed IT

Business owners often don’t think about how costly an IT outage can be until they suddenly find their staff unable to work. Brown County recently suffered an outage that had a temporary, but widespread impact, and it just goes to show how important it is to be proactive.

Brown County Computer Systems Go Down

Early August of 2021, Brown County Offices suffered an outage that brought down the computer systems in several departments, including the landfill, the register of deeds, the auditor, the sheriff, and the treasurer. While operations returned to normal after a short time, Brown County Emergency Management Director Scott Meint noted that some systems weren’t up nearly a week later. Most importantly, during the crisis, the agency didn’t know what caused the outage, which can lead to longer recovery times and make it difficult to prevent issues in the future.

Businesses Shouldn’t Rely on Tech Support Alone

While tech support is often the first thing a business thinks of when their computers begin to give them problems, this is a reactive approach. The problem with this approach is that businesses should be proactive to prevent disruptions. When you are covering your bases for IT, it is easier to get predictable results, which is critical for planning budgets, ensuring productivity, and promoting overall growth. 

Brown County’s computer outage is a prime example of addressing the symptoms and not the cause. As Director Scott Meint noted, not only are some portions of the system still down, they didn’t know what the cause of the outage was. It shouldn’t take much to understand the risk a business faces if they cannot discover the source of their technology problems, even if they can get up and running in the short term. How can your team and, more importantly, your customers have confidence in your organization when the possibility exists that they could lose access to necessary services at any time due to your technology failing?

Here’s the thing—issues happen. A computer outage like this shouldn’t affect how someone looks at an organization. The folks at the Brown County offices aren’t at fault here. Maybe there is an IT person somewhere who made a mistake, maybe there is a computer that wasn’t kept up-to-date. Maybe a user accidentally downloaded something malicious. 

It’s possible that a single piece of hardware experienced an unexpected malfunction and caused a major piece of infrastructure to fail. This is all conjecture, but the goal is to reduce the number of “maybes” and increase the number of redundancies until the chance of extended downtime is as null as possible. 

Managed IT is the Solution

Managing IT should be high on the list when considering the best method to ensure your business technology is stable. One of the main benefits of managed IT is that it’s always happening around the clock, we don’t wait for a phone call to tell us if there is a problem. With 24/7 monitoring and management of your systems, managed IT services are designed to prevent an issue from presenting itself in the first place.  

Some benefits of our remote management include:

  • Resolving issues before they become significant problems.
  • Keeping track of your equipment and software to ensure compatibility between technology
  • Automatically deploying patches and security updates
  • Maintaining thorough documentation, including warranty information, historical service records, and support tickets.

The benefits of managed IT go far beyond the monitoring of your systems. The value of managed IT is that it provides your business with a full range of services. The combination of services and how they enhance each other is why managed IT gives your business a level of reliability it can benefit from. Some of these services include:

One event shouldn’t define your business, but the reality is if you don’t have a system in place to protect your business, one event, unfortunately, can have a profound effect. For example, South Dakota is subject to extreme weather. As such, an unexpected power outage can damage your business if you don’t have UPS devices in place. Would you potentially lose business if a major part of your infrastructure were down for a few days?  

Moreover, with so many companies operating with a remote workforce, they don’t have the usual foot traffic around their business, a side effect of the pandemic. Less foot traffic can lead to bad actors gaining the confidence to target your business. How much damage can a break-in do to your infrastructure? We also help businesses with physical security, such as security cameras. Moreover, if you have a security camera, did you know it could be a threat to your business’ data security

IT is complex, and there are a lot of details that are easy to miss if you are only relying on a small in-house solution, as opposed to working with a company that lives, eats, and breathes everything to do with business technology.

Call South Dakota’s Managed IT Experts

Your business' long-term survival depends on your technology performing to its full potential. This means your business can't be in the dark when it comes to the state of your technology. As the threats to your business continue to increase, your business can't afford the excuse of "I don't know" when something goes wrong with the expectation of remaining profitable. 

Your business doesn't have to be out of the loop regarding your technology; South Dakota businesses like yours rely on us, and we’re happy to discuss how we can align your business goals with your technology. Call 888-891-4201 today and schedule an appointment.

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Be Proactive and You’ll Reduce Downtime
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