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Complacency, and The Need For a BDR Plan

BDR Plan

Of all the reasons that a business may have to postpone a migration to the cloud, there is one that probably ranks as the worst. This one reason effectively boils down to a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” mentality. Despite whatever history of success a business may have, statistics tell us that, eventually, any business will experience data loss, period.

As a result of this guarantee, a backup and disaster recovery plan should be seen as an essential part of your business - and what’s more, you have to make sure that whatever plan you put in place is one that is sufficient.

In part due to the increasing stability of technology today, we have grown increasingly reliant on our technology, as well as the data that it stores for us. Of course, this technology is not infallible, and so it is important that every business prepare for the very real possibility that something goes wrong. If you haven’t experienced an incident yet or it has been some time since on affected your operations, there are two likely reasons. Either you’re already subscribing to the recommended practices that will help protect you, or you have been incredibly lucky.

If you fall under the first option, that’s excellent and you should continue to develop such habits. If it is the second, you need to consider what it would mean if that luck were to run out. Actually, let’s explore a situation in which it does:

If you’re like most business owners, two things are fairly likely: you have a (probably expensive) smartphone that a considerable amount of your business relies upon, and this smartphone doesn’t mix with water very well.

If you have never experienced an incident before, whether your phone malfunctioned or somehow broke, you would probably look at the insurance and extended warranties as pointless, just ways for your cell phone provider to mooch that much more money from you. This also means that you wouldn’t likely keep the old phone after you upgraded to a new one, either trading it in for a bit of credit or hopefully recycling it.

So, what would happen if you suddenly fumbled your device, and it just so happened to land in a puddle, or fall down some stairs, or otherwise become thoroughly inoperable?

Chances are that your business-essential smartphone would have been very important to your business’ success. You probably would have quite a bit of business data, contact information, and other important records on that device, not to mention your access key for your two-factor authentication. Now, it’s effectively all gone.

Adding insult to injury, you also have to get your device repaired, which is a very expensive endeavor. Of course, with insurance, you would have been covered.

This demonstrates how crucial it is to take your full situation into consideration, whether we’re talking about a smartphone or your business’ data. As the value of your solution increases, it only makes sense to make sure you have some kind of safeguard in place to protect your investments, whether it’s insurance on your phone or the assurance that you are protected against circumstances.

If you feel that your business doesn’t need some form of backup and disaster recovery simply because it has never been “needed” before, you need to reevaluate the real value that a BDR will provide. After all, any one of many different events can lead to data loss, from weather and natural disasters to hardware failure and human error. Do you feel confident in your odds of never experiencing a disaster when 70 percent of businesses that are hit with one and lose data ultimately go out of business?

You’ve invested too much into your business to leave its future as certain as a roll of the dice or a flip of a coin would be.

We offer the means to help secure that future with our Data Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions. By protecting one of your most valuable and fragile assets - your data - we can help your business bounce back with the advantage of a crucial resource. To learn more, call us at 605-341-3873 so that KT Connections can help keep your data safe with expert care.

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Wednesday, May 22 2019

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