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Cybersecurity is Critical for a Business, Regardless of Its Size

Cybersecurity is Critical for a Business, Regardless of Its Size

It can be very tempting to read the cybersecurity headlines and assume that cybercrime is an enterprise business’ concern. There’s a sense of security in the idea that threats are, for the most part, directed toward the likes of Colonial Pipeline and other organizations of its size.

Unfortunately, we have some bad news for those who have felt this temptation and had these ideas: that sense of security is a false one.

Being a Small Business Doesn’t Mean You’re Hidden from Threats

In fact, the opposite is true. Due to a mentality that they are “too small to be worth the trouble,” many businesses will short-change their security preparations. Of course, this mentality ignores a few considerations:

  • The only difference between most small businesses and enterprise companies is simply a matter of scale. Both are businesses, one just has a much larger range of operations and (more pertinent to our discussion) a much larger collection of data.
  • A cybercriminal can get essentially the same data from either source, the difference is that it can come in one lump from the enterprise, or in pieces from numerous small businesses.
  • Enterprise businesses could be making investments into security precautions that a small business likely couldn’t afford, making the small business a comparatively easier target.

Furthermore, cyberattacks have developed that can effectively target anyone who isn’t prepared to deal with them, with the purpose of getting the cybercriminal the access they need. 

We often talk about the dangers of phishing attacks, so consider how easily a cybercriminal could use one to get into your data. Sure, a phishing email could be used to get access to a single document, but a clever cybercriminal could just as easily use it to get access privileges to an even larger score for them.

Larger Enterprises Need to Work Especially Hard to Keep Secure

To this point, let’s consider the situation that an enterprise organization would find itself in. The primary difference really boils down to the number of employees these businesses hire. With this larger number of team members, the enterprise must contend with more points of entry. 

This also serves to reinforce how critical role-based access controls are. Unless there are some restrictions on what different users can do and see on your network, a cybercriminal’s job becomes that much easier.

In Short, Small Businesses and Enterprise Companies Share Security Needs

The singular difference between the two is in the scale of the solutions implemented. One could need comprehensive protection and training for fifteen employees and their workstations, while the other might require comprehensive protection and training for fifteen hundred. The solutions and practices are the same, it’s just what number plugs into the equation.

Therefore, small businesses need to do everything that a large business or enterprise would do, and vice versa:

  • Both need to train their employees to actively identify potential threats, particularly (not exclusively) where phishing is concerned, and the procedures to follow if and when they do so.
  • Both need to have preventative measures proactively prepared, just in case something goes wrong. Let’s say some ransomware manages to slip by your protections. Wiping your system to get rid of it works a lot better if you have an up-to-date backup to recover your data from. Your access privileges that we discussed earlier would also count as a preventive measure.
  • Both should have a resource that they can turn to for assistance. A larger business will likely have a team on staff for this purpose, something that a small business won’t necessarily be able to manage. For these businesses, we can be that resource.

No Matter What Size Your Business Is, You Should Always Take a Security-First Approach with Your Technology

Here at KT Connections, this is the philosophy behind everything we do. Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter how quickly you can accomplish a business goal by using a tool if that tool winds up leading to massive data loss and all of the associated costs and ramifications. We’d much rather you use something that works, and also keeps your business and its data secure.

If you’re interested in applying this philosophy into your own business’ operations, KT Connections is here to help. Our security services account for all of a business’ needs and could be ensuring your business remains secure. Find out more (or get started) by giving us a call at 888-891-4201.

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