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Defend Yourself From Cybercrime with Office 365


Over the past couple of decades, we have been quickly reducing the barriers between average people and technology. There was a time not so long ago when much of the technology we use these days was considered out of reach financially for most people.

Microsoft had a lot to do with the ‘democratization’ of technology; first by being part of the initial wave of everyman tech, which included the licensing of Windows. Next, competition in the creation and most importantly pricing of the PC, and finally the introduction of Microsoft Office which revolutionized how people defined productivity. Moreover, Microsoft allowed people to leverage their work experience into their personal lives as they could use the same tools they were already familiar with into both environments. Office 365 raised the stakes by leveraging the cloud to support a productive, collaborative and efficient office suite, which is reliable, secure and affordable: anywhere, on any device.

Despite the cross-over between work and personal lives, when it comes to thinking about hacking, most of us only think of our businesses as being targets. That’s not surprising as most of the news about hacking, intrusions, and ransomware seems to focus on big, enterprise-level corporations. While they are target rich environments, they often have the ability not only to detect an attack but to fight back, and the criminals know this. Unfortunately, cybercriminals don’t just hunt for the big fish; little fish can make a decent meal if there’s enough of them. Little fish like you.

If you’re like most people, your first line of defense is the antivirus trial version that came with your computer - yes, the long-expired antivirus that constantly ‘nags’ you to buy the full and functional version; yes, that's the one. The biggest threat to your security will always be the person operating the mouse and keyboard. This is where your Office 365 Cloud subscription comes in.

Large Enterprise level business utilize three main features of a successful security plan:

  • Backup and recovery
  • Effective Data Protection
  • Prevent intrusions from getting a foothold

With Office 365 you now have access to the same best practices used by major corporations, designed to reduce their exposure to cyberattacks. The new protection capabilities of Office 365 offer subscribers additional peace of mind with:

  • File recovery solutions to prevent damage from malicious attacks like ransomware. When you save your data to your OneDrive, Files Restore can allow you to restore your OneDrive to an earlier point in time before your system was compromised. Also, Office 365 can detect ransomware attacks, allowing you to contain the intrusion quickly, and defuse the timebomb the cybercriminal left for you.
  • Resources designed to keep your information secure and private. As we noted, the biggest danger to your security is human error and Office 365 offers several tools to help you protect your data such as password-protected link sharing, email encryption and prevent automatic forwarding. These features are designed to prevent the accidental sharing of data, which can provide hackers the keys to your data.
  • Active protection from viruses and cybercrime. As we strive to increase our communication skills, we often include information from a variety of sources to increase the value of our projects. Now more than ever we include links to websites and other online content to provide context to our projects. However, we also risk introducing unvetted content not only to ourselves, but whoever we share our content with. With Advanced link checking in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, we reduce the risk of becoming a vector of malware or a phishing scam.

Office 365 is continuing to evolve with how people use their technology and are striving to provide the services and features they need, not to face yesterday's issues, but tomorrow's. Office 365 provides a robust security solution for your personal use, as it does for your business. With Office 365, not only do you get the best-in-class productivity tools, as well as cloud services such as OneDrive, now you get a dynamic security solution to better protect yourself.

For more information about the Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based productivity apps or other IT-related services that we can assist you with, call us today at 605-341-3873 or complete the contact form on the right.

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