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Employee Highlight: Neil Blotske


In order to do what we do here at KT Connections, we rely greatly on the skills and expertise offered by our assorted team members. In order to give them the recognition they rightly deserve, we like to highlight one of them every so often so that you can get to know the people who make our company so great. Here, we wanted to introduce you to Neil Blotske, our Controller.

Neil has been with us for 16 years, helping to keep our unruly managing partners on a relatively short leash and ensuring that the staff remains flexible and able to assist one another as needed. One of the most engaging aspects of his job is the fact that technology is always changing and evolving, presenting him with endless opportunities to learn new things.

When he isn’t at work, Neil enjoys a diverse set of activities—not only does he confess to being Batman, he participates in numerous activities to back this up. An active person, Neil spends his free time in the Black Hills hiking, four-wheeling, and exploring the area with his pet motorcycle—and if he isn’t doing that, he’s often dancing, practicing the guitar, or visiting the beach.

Someday, Neil wants to live overseas for at least six months, go paragliding in Mexico, take a dip in every ocean, and obtain his pilot’s license. Of course, this will all come after he wins the lottery and can support this lifestyle.

In the meantime, Neil, the entire team here is happy to have you amongst our ranks! Thank you for everything that you do for us!

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