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Employee Highlight: Nicholas Berg


Here at KT Connections, we’re fond of occasionally taking the spotlight off the solutions we provide and instead shining it on the team members who are responsible for delivering them to our clients. This time around, we wanted to showcase Nicholas Berg, one of our trusted systems engineers.

In the office, Nicholas stays busy assisting his coworkers as the team provides our clientele with advice and figures out their more challenging problems. With there always being something new to learn, Nicholas always has another obstacle to help someone overcome… just the way he likes it!

When he isn’t solving problems around the office, Nicholas can often be found enjoying some decidedly low-tech activities. An avid hiker and skier, he loves to camp and above all likes skiing at Terry Peak. Having said that, he does want to travel to a more tropical locale at some point in the future, too. As for us, we’re okay with that, as long as he practices his other hobby and takes some pictures while he’s there!

Already well-traveled, Nicholas has spent six months of his life living in Japan—doubly evidenced by his choice of dog (Shiba Inu) and the adorable name he gave this adorable breed (Yoshi).

We’re glad to have you with us, Nicholas! If we can paraphrase your favorite movie somewhat: you really tie the team together. Thanks for everything you do!

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Monday, June 14 2021

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