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Equip Yourself with Microsoft 365 Business to Achieve Your Non-Profit Objectives

Equip Yourself with Microsoft 365 Business to Achieve Your Non-Profit Objectives

While perhaps a little different than other entities, non-profits are still a business. This is a significant misunderstanding that frequently afflicts organizations and businesses that don’t operate in order to generate profits. Why should a non-profit be any different than any other kind of business, otherwise?

For instance, cybersecurity is just as important whether the business is a non-profit or not. As the majority of them are small and medium-sized organizations, the same cybersecurity challenges are present with one notable difference: the nonprofit will likely have a much smaller budget to cover their necessary expenses (including this security).

For the nonprofit organization, we recommend Microsoft 365 and its comprehensive tools and resources. Not only do we recommend that your organization use it, we can help you to do so.

What Benefits Does Microsoft 365 Offer to Non-Profit Businesses?

Security Measures

Like we said, security is a critical concern for any business, which means that there needs to be some time and effort to protect the security of a nonprofit’s solutions. With Microsoft 365, you can push critical updates and policies to your users’ devices, while removing business data as needed without touching any of their personal files.

Simpler Management

With the centralized controls that Microsoft 365 offers for businesses, your team can securely access the tools they need with ease. These tools can be pushed to each team member’s device and updated remotely, letting them work more efficiently and saving you the time tracking down each device individually. Adding new members of your team to your solution is painless--all you have to do is add them to a set security group to enforce the right policies.

Collaborative Productivity Tools

As Microsoft 365 was designed to improve collaboration, it is perfect for a business’ needs, including a non-profit organization. With the capability to work online and have any progress synced up once a connection has been restored, productivity is of no concern. Microsoft 365 also integrates with many other useful business tools, including Zoom.

Remote Capabilities

Non-profit tasks can pop up at effectively any time, meaning that it doesn’t always make sense to restrict productive work to a single location. The tools we mentioned above mean that remote work is a viable option for these organizations, as they are supported by the security protocols protecting the user.

Learn more about using Microsoft 365 to benefit your business by calling our team at 888-891-4201!

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