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How a Zoom Room Can Make Remote Collaboration Better

How a Zoom Room Can Make Remote Collaboration Better

The steep increase of remote work and hybrid offices have increased the importance of solutions such as video conferencing. More and more businesses are choosing to dedicate office space to “Zoom Rooms”—spaces dedicated to merging in-house staff with remote staff (or clients) in order to hold meetings.

Let’s discuss some of the necessary components of a successful remote conferencing setup.

The Equipment

Let’s run down the list of hardware and software that your remote conferencing room will require to get some idea of the investment you must set aside for it.


Whether you choose to use a small monitor or a large-screen television will be dependent on your situation. Either way, you’ll need a display in order to see who you are working with. A minimum of 1080p resolution is recommended.

If your conference room is small and intimate, a decent desktop monitor should be fine, but today, large panel LCD televisions aren’t going to cost much more in the long run. You just need to make sure you have a base or mount for them.


A basic computer will suit you just fine, so long as it meets your chosen software’s minimum requirements. If you’re planning on purchasing some new computers, and find that they are more expensive than you expected, you should consider whether or not upgrading your technology would be a good option for you.

If you are only using your computer for conferencing, it doesn’t need to be all that powerful. Keep in mind that this computer, like any, needs to be monitored and maintained, and adopt your network policies, antivirus, and other security measures.


Typical webcams work great for a user sitting a foot or two in front of it, but wider angle cameras can capture the entire conference room. Like any type of data-sharing technology, you need to ensure that your Zoom environment is secure.

Audio Systems

Sometimes a simple microphone and speaker combo will work great, and other times you’ll need a device that is suited for your conference room. The audio device chosen typically depends on how much space you intend to be working in.

A Control Device

You’ll want to have a device that gives you control over your conferencing solution. This can usually be accomplished through the use of a tablet, but there are some dedicated devices that can be used as well. This can be as simple or complex as you need it to be—from customizable buttons that can perform different actions in the meeting, or a simple wireless mouse and keyboard.

We can assist you in getting the right Zoom Room solution and setting up the space. Give us a call at 888-891-4201 to learn more about getting your business set up with the perfect remote collaboration space.

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