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How Managed IT Helps Accountants Resist Cyberattacks

How Managed IT Helps Accountants Resist Cyberattacks

As the conclusion of the tax season nears, accountants and CPAs face increased threats to their data security. Now is the time to ensure your cybersecurity strategy is robust enough to protect you against modern threats. Learn how we can give your cybersecurity the boost it needs.

South Dakota Accountants, Is Your Data Secure for Tax Season?

Cybercriminals are well aware of the stress most accountants and CPAs face during tax season. They also know that with stress comes mistakes and opportunities for them to attack. The reality is most businesses, regardless of size or industry, usually have cybersecurity protocols that are underpowered. 

Cybercriminals know this and wait for predictable moments of distraction to target a company. What’s more predictable than tax season, and what’s a better target than a CPA or accountant during tax season? Throughout this time, cybersecurity protection is critical not only for accountants and CPAs… it is essential for all types of businesses in South Dakota.

Why are Accountants and CPAs Targets?

The answer should be obvious: these industries are most likely to have access to the type of data many cybercriminals are most interested in: financial. However, it also pays to remember that the cybercriminal's MO has evolved with ransomware's ascendance. These days cybercriminals are more likely to hold your accounting firm's data/computers hostage than to try and steal your client's data to resell on the dark web.

As you can imagine, a cybercriminal would be able to exert considerable pressure on your business if they gained control and locked you out of your system over the next several weeks, rendering you unable to file your clients’ tax returns electronically. How much damage would your business suffer, and how much would you be willing to pay to regain access to your data?

Even if you pay the ransom, your exposure isn't over. In the event of your data being compromised, you must inform the South Dakota District Attorney and your customers as well. Due to South Dakota's notification laws, a data breach is no longer something you can make go away.

The reality is that a data breach can have serious financial consequences for your business.

KT Connections Helps Accountants Protect Their Data

Cybersecurity is a 24/7, 365 issue. It extends far beyond the months leading up to April 15th. We can provide your organization with the protection required for stability, secure collaboration and communications.

Some benefits our managed IT brings to your accounting firm include:

  • Monitoring your network to identify and prevent threats. This is critical in preventing ransomware from spreading deeply into your systems.
  • Ensuring your data's security isn't affected due to out-of-date technology. 
  • Protecting data with a comprehensive data backup and recovery solution (BDR). 
  • Offering security solutions ranging from the encryption of sensitive information, implementation of 2FA (two-factor authentication), access control (physical and data), and team training. 

Accountants, Are You Ready to Embrace Managed IT?

Managed IT’s all-encompassing range of services allow your accounting firm or CPA agency to leverage your technology into a resource and not a liability. KT Connections can help you accomplish this with the solutions that your firm needs to boost productivity while developing best IT practices to stop your technology from holding back your growth. A managed IT partner allows you to stop worrying about your technology.  

Call 888-891-4201 today to schedule an IT consultation, and learn how our personalized, proactive IT support for small and medium-sized Rapid City businesses can help your accounting firm succeed.

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