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How Managed Services Benefit Businesses

How Managed Services Benefit Businesses

As your business grows, so does your need for technology. As that need grows, you typically have to make a decision - do you work through your growing pains with your existing computer person, start an internal IT department, or start looking for something more? If you’ve found this article, it’s likely that you are curious about the third option.

Outgrowing your vendors is a fact of life. Simply not being happy with your current IT provider isn’t unheard of either. Before you go ahead and start looking at applications for internal IT staff, let’s explore what exactly makes a true managed service approach so beneficial to a business like yours.

Advantages of Leveraging Managed Services

When it comes to managed services, there are five factors that can be safely anticipated. Each of these factors contributes to improved operations within a business, translating to clear benefits.

Consistent, Proactive Monitoring

This is effectively the RMM (remote monitoring and maintenance), a cornerstone of managed services, as it sets them apart from other methods of service delivery. Rather than waiting for an issue to arise and cause difficulties, managed services are built around the practice of keeping an eye on a business’ technology solutions so that impending issues can be caught and mitigated before they take root. This proactivity helps to keep a business protected and productive, and ties into the next factor quite strongly. Simply put, remote monitoring works.

Minimized Downtime

Where your business’ technology is concerned, downtime needs to be mitigated, if not avoided outright. Managed services (in large part, thanks to proactive monitoring) enables you to do so with your provider’s assistance. As a result of this lessened downtime, your team can accomplish its tasks more efficiently.

Up-To-Date Solutions and Advice

Managed services are good for more than preventing issues from interrupting the flow of work in the office. They also help ensure that you are using the best versions of the tools you rely on, and are leveraging these tools to the highest capacity possible. This includes making sure updates are applied strategically, and in a timely manner, while assisting you in strategizing your technology’s trajectory. KT Connections’ IT Consultant services are second to none.

Predictable Pricing

As managed services are delivered as part of an inclusive subscription-based model, the costs are set based on a service-level agreement. This means that they will be relatively predictable, which in turn means that they can be budgeted for. One of the biggest drawbacks to break/fix IT services is the fact that a bit of bad luck could potentially drain your technology budget in the first quarter. Managed services, on the other hand, help to insulate you against this kind of situation and prevent you from being without coverage.

A Sense of Security

In many ways, a managed service provider acts as a bodyguard for your business’ success - keeping threats out, and ensuring that you have the tools you need to be productive. One way to look at managed services is that they are an insurance policy for your business - making sure your assets are protected, and making it easier to maximize the value you get from your IT solutions. In today’s environment, it is critical that you ensure your customer's data is secure or your business can face severe consequences. 

Would You Like to Take Advantage of These Benefits?

KT Connections can help you get the most from your technology solutions. Download our managed IT whitepaper to learn more about managed services, and reach out to us a 605-341-3873 to get started!

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