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HP Makes it Easy for Your Team to Work Remotely

HP Makes it Easy for Your Team to Work Remotely

If you’re one of the thousands of South Dakota businesses affected by the coronavirus crisis, you may have found yourself with no choice but to close your business. With your workers home, you realize no one is set up to work remotely. We understand that you’re concerned and filled with uncertainty during this difficult time. Fortunately, HP offers a wealth of tools to help your new remote team get up, running, and productive quickly.

Having to send your team home due to the need for social distancing has been a difficult situation for many, if not most business owners. Not only does it feel like you are leaving your clients without support, but you’re also expected to trust that your staff will be able to do their jobs. The number one question business owners are asking themselves, “How can I conduct business with my staff at home and office closed?” The answer is by enabling your team to work remotely.

There are a large number of businesses that are well suited for remote work but don’t know how to start. Number one of their lists of concerns is whether or not they or their team have the necessary equipment at home to work remotely and efficiently.

The Past Doesn’t Define the Now

A big part of this anxiety is based on some organizations’ previous attempts to have a part of their workforce (or maybe the whole staff) work remotely, only to be hindered by under-powered computers, out-of-date software, and unreliable Internet access. Not to mention the unpredictability of team member’s work habits outside the office. Let’s face it, not everyone is suited for remote work. While there’s not much we can do in regard to your team’s work habits, we can guarantee that they have the best technology available to ensure they can get their work done. 

Suggestions for HP Tech Your Remote Worker Should Have

Best HP Laptops for Remote work
While it is true that laptops are slightly more expensive than comparable desktop computers, the price difference isn’t as great as it once was and the benefits of having an all-in-one device are usually worth the additional cost. Also, modern laptops hold up very well and can be as fast and effective as a typical workstation. So is a laptop a necessity for the remote worker? The answer is, it depends. 

One benefit a laptop brings besides being portable is that it is a self-contained workstation, making it well-suited for working remotely. For example, the majority of laptops come with a webcam and a built-in microphone; this makes a laptop a natural fit for communicating with your team and your clients. A laptop makes it easy to have virtual meetings or even recording videos for webinars out of the box.

Being portable, a laptop means you’re not stuck in one place in the house, which can be of value in and of itself when you're stuck in the house for what could be weeks. You have the flexibility to find the area in your home best suited for working, as opposed to having to find a space large enough to accommodate a desktop computer and its peripherals, such as a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

With a docking station, you can increase the functionality of your laptop, allowing you to add, for example, an additional monitor and other peripherals. Some laptop suggestions for remote workers are: 

HP Elite Dragonfly 2-in-1 Laptop - The HP Elite Dragonfly is easily the best laptop out there for traveling professionals and executives. The world's lightest compact business convertible, Starting under 2.2 lbs, the HP Elite Dragonfly gives a new level of freedom to those on the go. Work from anywhere with extended battery life. Stay connected with optional gigabit-class 5G LTE28 and gigabit-speed Wi-Fi 6

HP EliteBook 850 - Uniquely designed for the modern mobile professional, it is a highly secure and manageable laptop offering powerful collaboration tools, enabling the enterprise workforce to be more productive and secure on the go or in the office.

HP EliteBook 700 Series - An AMD processor powered laptop designed for today’s mobile professional, with powerful security, manageability, and collaboration features.

HP ProBook 600 Series - Equip your workforce with HP's most configurable and cost-effective notebook PC, with long-term stability and modern security for your business.

HP ProBook 400 Series - Power through your day with quad core processors and long battery life, plus durability and security features from HP.

Best HP Desktops for Remote Workers
This is the traditional type of computer most workers are used to seeing and using. While on the surface, desktops really haven’t changed much in the past decade or so, they have become much more reliable. Desktops can be less expensive than a comparable laptop, and come in a wide range of configurations. Desktop models can vary from workstation beasts, to ‘mini’s’, to all-in-one solutions. While there is a wide range of options and price-points when choosing a desktop in comparison to a laptop, using a desktop will always be a trade-off in size and portability.

To use a desktop remotely, there will be a need to invest in additional peripherals in order to provide the functionality required to work remotely, such as:

  • A webcam
  • A headset with microphone
  • External speakers
  • A monitor (note: some monitors contain webcams, microphone, and speakers, but will be limited in comparison to individual, dedicated units.) 

While these additional components will add to the overall expense of the system, they will most likely be less expensive in total than a compatible laptop with all the components built-in and of a better quality overall. 

Some desktop suggestions for remote workers are: 

HP EliteDesk 800 desktop - Experience enterprise-class productivity, plus industry-leading reliability, security, and manageability in your choice of form factors. (Mini, SFF, Tower)

Do you handle sensitive information? Protect your work with the self-healing security measures of HP Sure Start Gen4. This innovative technology detects malware threats to your BIOS as you boot up your desktop each day. If a threat is detected, HP Sure Start will automatically restore your BIOS to the last safe version to disarm any cyber threats you might face. Equipped with Thunderbolt ports, you can transfer large files in the blink of an eye. Gone are the days of slow loading times and wasted company time. The HP EliteDesk 800 has mini, small form factor and tower formats to give you the flexibility and performance

ProDesk 600 Series - A mainstream business PC that’s the perfect combination of performance, expandability, and affordability.

ProDesk 400 Series - Meet the everyday needs of your growing business with a smart financial investment in an expandable desktop PC.

Best Software for Remote Workers
There is an incredible wealth of software remote users have access to, the question is which one not only allows your team to work efficiently, but also offers the most bang for the buck. We are going to focus on a piece of software that makes it easy for your team to communicate, collaborate with each other, and is affordable. KT Connections recommends Microsoft Office 365 for your team. The Office 365 suite includes all the tools your remote team needs to be productive: 

  • Outlook (email)
  • Word (word processing), Excel (spreadsheets), PowerPoint (presentations)
  • Access (database management)
  • OneNote (multi-user collaboration), and SharePoint (intranet)
  • Teams (chat, video conferencing, and screen sharing)
  • OneDrive (Cloud-based storage)

Office 365 has also been redesigned to provide easier use, improving your workflow and because it’s subscription-based, you only pay for what you need. KT Connections is a  Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), so you can be confident of the level of support your business will receive.

If you’re a South Dakota business interested in getting your team working remotely, KT Connections should be your first stop. Call today to learn more about HP solutions, including how our Hardware as a Service (HaaS) solution can help you gain access to the latest HP technology at an attractive price point. Call 888-891-4201 today to schedule an appointment.

KT Connections is ready to help your business remain productive during these uncertain times. Our business communication suite of services including mobile solutions, VoIP, Zoom Collaborative Solutions, even streaming music can provide you with the tools and solutions to keep your business running, even if there’s no one in the office.

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