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Is Your Broadband Business-Ready?

Is Your Broadband Business-Ready?

As South Dakota businesses increase their reliance on the internet to continue to conduct business, many find they are hitting the limit of what their existing service (or possibly their internal network) can provide. Added to the mix is the need to support a remote workforce, and some companies are discovering a major bottleneck. Now’s the time to consider your broadband needs and the best way to implement it.

South Dakota Focuses on Broadband

The coronavirus crisis has profoundly impacted South Dakota businesses, most notably by providing the catalyst for different industries to adapt to the current environment. The reality is the marketplace will take a long time to completely return to the way things were pre-coronavirus, and businesses that needed to utilize broadband will not return to a time when the internet wasn’t their primary source of communication. Distance learning, remote working, and telemedicine aren’t going to return to the sidelines even when we reach a post-coronavirus world. There is no doubt these concepts and work practices are here to stay.

COVID-19 has caused many states, including South Dakota, to examine the digital divide: the lack of equal access to reliable internet facing some communities. This is of particular concern for urban and rural communities who lack the resources to afford broadband or cannot develop the infrastructure needed to enable it. 

The need for accessible broadband has come so much to the forefront due to COVID-19 that South Dakota’s Governor Noem announced Broadband Grant Awards to be awarded to 14 projects across South Dakota. The goal of these grants is to provide broadband upgrades throughout the state. As Governor Noem noted, “Quality, reliable and affordable internet is more important than ever before...”

How Broadband Benefits Your Business

Some advantages that high-speed internet brings to your business include:

  • Ensuring your team is productive: There are few things more frustrating than trying to work online, but finding your network slows to a crawl or loses connection due to a lack of bandwidth. Instability is the bane of business, especially regarding the internet, which is critical to most companies relying on their connectivity to remain profitable. Finally, without an appropriately scaled internet plan, your business may not provide the services to their clients’ and team’s expectations.
  • Cloud services: Cloud computing services can take various forms and provide your business with a wide range of solutions. Scalable solutions, such as hosted servers, desktop, and virtualization, allow your business to access high-level storage and workspaces at an economical price point. 
  • Video conferencing: As your team and clients work remotely, video conferencing has filled the gap when it comes to face-to-face communication. Having the appropriate amount of bandwidth will allow your Zoom events and VoIP communications to operate at the level your team and clients expect and deserve. 

Is Your Business Making the Most of Its Broadband?

With ISPs in great demand due to the increase in remote work, it’s challenging to know which plan is best for your business. KT Connections offers internet consulting so you can get the most out of the web. Broadband/high-speed Internet is available to your business through a variety of methods. Do you know which is the right one for your business? When you’re choosing between Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Cable Modem, Fiber, Wireless, Satellite, or Broadband over Powerlines (BPL), do you know all the pros and cons? 

Are you struggling to keep up with the demand on your internet? Do you need to expand your bandwidth in order to support your increased needs for your remote workforce? We can help you find you an Internet provider that you can be confident about, call us today at 605-341-3873 to learn more about our high-speed internet consulting services for businesses.

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