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Is Your Business Prepared to Weather the Winter Weather?


It’s that time of year again, when the weather turns cold and snowy, blanketing the ground in a crisp, white, beautiful blanket. However, this weather can also have a very unpleasant side. As a result, many businesses may have to contend with the effects of this weather.

While a white and snowy winter may be good for snowshoeing around the Black Hills, the same can’t always be said about what businesses often have to experience. According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory, our area is in a location where winter thunderstorms have been known to strike. Of course, businesses also can’t forget about the more common concerns of the season, either. Blizzards, freezing rain, ice, and loose snow can easily make commuting irresponsible at best, and perilous at worst.

As a result, responsible businesses have to consider what would happen if their employees were unable to safely come in to work, and how that would influence their operations. Of course, this influence is not going to be a positive one.

In addition to all of this, there is also data for any business to consider. Does the winter weather put critical data at risk? What would happen if something were to damage your office, like snow building up on the roof until it collapsed? Would your data be safe?

As a business in the same boat, we recognize that this puts business owners in an uncomfortable position. Of course, you want and need your employees to stay safe, but at the same time, your business needs to remain functioning if it is to survive as well. Fortunately, there are a few solutions that can help you achieve your goals while allowing you and your employees to remain in the relative safety of your homes.

Thanks to technologies like the cloud, productivity and collaboration have been made accessible from essentially anywhere with the right solutions in place. While the office may have been, at one time, the only place that much of a business’ functions could be carried through, employees and management alike can now access essentially any business needs over an Internet connection with the right solutions put in place.

These same technologies also allow you to keep you data safe in an offsite data backup solution, maintained by a reliable provider.

If you find that your business suffers or succeeds based on the weather report, give the IT professionals at KT Connections a call. We can help you establish the mobile and remote working solutions that can prevent adverse weather from eliminating your productivity. Call us at 605-341-3873 today.