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It’s Time To Go Beyond Computer Repair - Invest in Managed IT


As more small and medium-sized businesses realize the value in working with a managed IT provider, there is now an increasing number of computer repair shops who are hopping on the IT bandwagon; claiming to offer fully-proactive managed IT services. While a computer repair shop may be great at recovering a broken hard drive or solving a quick issue, managed IT is much more than fixing broken stuff. 

True managed IT is about developing a customized IT solution, one unique to and responsive to your business needs. The main goal of a managed IT provider is to allow you the opportunity to focus on your business and not worry about maintaining your technology. As the main assets of your business, your time and attention are better spent investigating opportunities for growth, not server errors.

Before you sign on the dotted line with your local computer repair shop and engage them as your IT provider, here are some things to ask them and yourself. Do they:

  • Discover new ways to increase productivity while reducing expenses?
  • Monitor and update your critical systems, securing them against external attacks?
  • Understand the requirements related to technology in your industry - including an upgrade path?
  • Have a backup and recovery plan to get your business up and running in case of disaster? Do they monitor and secure those backups regularly?
  • Provide scheduled business reviews performing as a vCIO with a focus on improving productivity and the effectiveness of your team?

If any of these answers are no, and you allow one of these johnny-come-lately to handle your IT, you are placing your business at risk from hackers, incompatible software, connectivity issues, loss of data, and more. The truth is you need to work with an authentic managed IT provider like KT Connections to reduce, if not eliminate, business damaging technology issues.

A high performing managed IT company provides a wide range of services, designed to make the most of your technology and your capital. Their mandate is to treat your technology as an integral part of your business model and not an afterthought: tolerated but not fully embraced. The truth is your technology is an investment towards your success, not a drain on resources, but it takes someone who can see beyond the here and now, to the future to take full advantage of your technology.

A managed IT provider and solution provide support in the following areas:

Technology Benefits

One advantage enterprise-sized organizations have is their access to technical expertise and equipment. For the SMB, a managed IT provider is one of the first steps to leveling the playing field and allowing you to compete better. By providing your business access to a high level of expertise, without the associated cost, a managed IT provider brings you all the convenience and skills of an in-house IT staff member, without the expense.

Capital Investments

One of the most significant expenses of the break/fix method of IT maintenance is the cost of downtime while your team is waiting to get back to work. The advantage of managed IT is that spending is predictable, so no more unexpected expenses. With managed IT, your technology needs have been planned and accounted for. This translates to improved business performance, less downtime and a reduction of terminal equipment failures, as upgrades, maintenance and EOL (End of Life) issues are scheduled for.

Business Stability

Risk is a part of business; however successful companies know how to reduce their exposure, without limiting their growth. With a managed IT plan in place, your business can focus on growth, confident their technology is being managed. For most businesses, their data is the most valuable asset they have and unfortunately the one that is often mismanaged.

As one of the most critical areas of your business, a comprehensive security plan is critical to protecting this vital asset. This includes backup, recovery and data protection. An experienced managed IT specialist will have the range of expertise needed to ensure your data is safe, secure, and recoverable.

For more information about managed IT, take a moment to complete the form on the right or give us a call at 605-341-3873. We will gladly speak to you about how a managed IT plan can benefit your business.

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