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Lawyers Depend on Reliable IT



Like many industries, the dissemination of cost-effective information systems has revolutionized the legal industry. From powerful software titles to hosted hardware solutions, it is difficult to ask the average legal professional to sort through all the options that are on the market to find the ones that will effectively serve their practice. Since lawyers (and their staff) rely on both dynamic, up-to-the-minute information distribution, and end-to-end security, it’s a good bet that law school doesn’t prepare the average attorney for the inherent challenges their IT will bring.

At KT Connections, we understand that just as a person in need of legal advice will go to an attorney, when they are in need of IT advice they should come to us. We can present the modern legal practice all the tools and expertise they will need as to not have to concern themselves with the functionality of their technology. Our technicians can help provide any of a myriad of solutions that are custom-designed to meet the needs of a law practice, including:

Chances are that if a lawyer has been practicing for any length of time, he or she has plenty of data. They may be filed away in steel file cabinets or strewn about the office in color-coded file folders, but that information is likely crucial to the long-term sustainability of their practice. As such, we can build both onsite and hosted computing infrastructures to give the modern practice the resources it needs to store, warehouse, and access their data.

Even if a law practices doesn’t utilize a full-featured computing infrastructure, they almost certainly rely on computers to do many of the tasks. Our technicians provide comprehensive technology management services for any type of technology. Downtime can affect any type of business, so proactively managed technology can thwart all types of organizational inefficiencies.

Not only do we monitor and manage an organization’s network, we also have access to some of the industry’s best antivirus, firewall, and spam blocking solutions to keep active threats from becoming time-wasting and profit-sapping problems.

Data Redundancy
Data protection is our specialty. We have solutions designed to replicate and store organizational data, and backups of it, to ensure that if something unfortunate were to happen to a practice’s computers, or to the practice itself, that the data is protected.

Training and Support
Since many attorneys and clerks don’t necessarily have an expert handle on their IT, we offer onsite training to provide an expert perspective to an organization’s staff. We also provide around the clock support for all of our clients, ensuring that when you want access to your data, that you have it.

Since lawyers have privacy considerations that supersede many other professional services companies, getting a secure, catalogued digital database in which to store and quickly retrieve information can be a game-changer for the growing law practice.

If you would like more information about managed IT services, cloud or traditional computing infrastructures, or any other technology that could be used by the modern law office to improve how they service their clients, look no further than KT Connections. Call us at 605-341-3873 to learn more.




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Monday, July 16 2018
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