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Microsoft Office 365 Does More than You Might Know


Microsoft Office 365 has many features - far more than the core four Office programs that most users are familiar with. These other features are exceptionally useful to businesses, which is why it is such a shame that so few people know about them. Here, we’ll fix that by reviewing some of these relatively hidden features.

For our purposes, we’ll focus on Microsoft Office 365 for Business, as it offers features that a business professional would most likely find very useful.

Microsoft Invoicing

One of the most crucial parts of successfully running a business is to be paid for the services you render. This means that you will need to create invoices to send to your clients. Microsoft Invoicing enables you to create an estimate for your client, and then convert that estimate to an actual invoice. You can also incorporate a Microsoft Pay link directly into your invoices to make accepting payments easier.

Microsoft Invoicing also allows you better tracking of your past and pending transactions. Most functions can be completed in a single click, whether you’re tracking payments, setting sales tax, or any other invoicing needs.

Outlook Customer Manager

Data is critically important for your operations - but so is using this data in a practical way. By utilizing Outlook Customer Manager, all the information you need organized is sorted automatically. This means that you don’t have to worry about your meetings, deadlines, and other business events. Your critical contacts are also organized, allowing you to keep in touch when it matters most. Perhaps most importantly, this data can be shared with your entire team, making your customers’ and clients’ experiences uniform, no matter who they’re talking to. Outlook Customer Manager is a great starter customer relationship management tool for your team to utilize.

Microsoft Bookings

Many businesses operate based on appointments. Microsoft Bookings allows you to put the power in your customers’ and clients’ hands, visiting your booking page to schedule an appointment and receiving a confirmation, even rescheduling if necessary. If your clients prefer calling, you can take care of everything on your end, with Bookings automatically sending all confirmations and reminders to them.

With access to a specialized webpage, your clients can easily make their own appointments. Automated reminders will make sure that they and your staff are all aware of their commitments, allowing everyone to be where they need to be (or to reschedule as necessary).


If your business requires you to travel, and you charge for this travel, MileIQ provides an easy means of tracking your mileage while you’re on the move. Working in the background of your smartphone, MileIQ tracks and reports on your mileage.

With the difference between a personal drive and a business drive being as simple to classify as a swipe from the right or the left, tracking miles is far easier. MileIQ can also be personalized to automatically classify the drives you make, based on work hours, locations, and purposes, allowing you to more accurately track your mileage - with reports available through either a mobile device or a dashboard on your desktop.

Microsoft Business Center

Microsoft Business Center is the overarching application that enables you to leverage some of the above solutions, like Bookings and Invoicing. An added benefit, however, is its Online Listings capabilities. Utilizing the Listings application, you can increase your business’ online visibility simply by providing some basic information. Once you have done so, you will have access to important metrics like page views and reviews.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

This solution can provide you with invaluable insights into your business, covering everything from financial management, to automating your supply chain, to optimizing your overall operations. Microsoft has provided this video to help provide some insight into what Dynamics 365 Business Central can do.

What Capabilities Could Your Business Leverage?

At KT Connections, we are able to provide the businesses of Western South Dakota with solutions certified by Microsoft. Reach out to our team here at KT Connections to learn more about how these Microsoft solutions could boost your operations. Call us at 605-341-3873 today.

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