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OneDrive Can Help Your Remote Team Prepare for South Dakota Winter Weather

OneDrive Can Help Your Remote Team Prepare for South Dakota Winter Weather

Usually, we would be helping Rapid City businesses prepare for the extreme weather, which can come with South Dakota winters, however this season is anything but typical. As so many workers continue to work from home, your business' winter preparation needs to account for that. Now is the time to help your remote workforce prepare for the upcoming winter weather.

Your Remote Team Needs Your Assistance

Hopefully, your business has begun its preparations for the upcoming cold-weather season. While the Black Hills can be an incredible experience during winter with a wealth of places to see, sometimes South Dakota's extreme weather conditions can stress your staff and operations, especially if you're not prepared for it.

According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory, South Dakota is prone to extreme weather. Thunderstorms, blizzards, freezing rain, and ice have been known to affect our area. Extreme weather can cause damage to businesses unprepared to mitigate the damage. Of course, if you’ve been here a while, you know the drill.

With access to a fraction of corporate IT resources at a home office, there is little doubt your remote workforce will need assistance. There is a possibility your remote team will be facing power outages, connectivity issues, and the resulting loss of data and communication that extreme weather often brings with it.

Depending on your business, you might already be relying on “cloud” services to handle a large portion of your collaboration and file storage. Everything is stored securely, with multiple revisions if you make a mistake editing a file, and the cloud service provides service redundancy. 

We really appreciate Microsoft’s cloud offering, OneDrive. It fits the needs for a lot of our clients, and can really help in terms of getting remote users access to the data they need, and ensuring that it stays safe and secure.

Your Data, Accessible from Anywhere with OneDrive

Microsoft 365 provides an easy way for the remote worker to access and edit their files and documents, and it's built right into Microsoft 365 itself. OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud-based storage platform. It’s your “My Documents” in the cloud. OneDrive allows your team (and clients) to share documents, files, and folders accessible from anywhere. Moreover, because it's integrated into Microsoft 365 applications, it's easy to access it.

Users can even sync files from OneDrive so they access them in the same way they would normally work with documents, and at any time, files can be backed up to OneDrive. KT Connection is able to set OneDrive up for our clients to sync the folders they need. On top of that, we can help set access policies to ensure that your employees only have the access they need to have.

When you take advantage of OneDrive, you reduce the chance that you will lose important data that may only be stored on a local hard drive..

KT Connections is Rapid City's Microsoft experts. As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), not only are we familiar with OneDrive, we have experience with the full line of Microsoft products. We will help you decide the best tool for the job. Call 605-341-3873 today to schedule an appointment.

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Thursday, May 06 2021

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