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Router on Steroids: The Unified Threat Management System

Router on Steroids

Threat Evolves and So Must Your Security

Face it, the days of people sitting in the parking lot, hacking your WiFi to ‘share’ your bandwidth is gone. Today their goal is to co-op your technology for their own nefarious needs and use your own data against you.

These attacks range from stealing personal and company account data for financial gain to using stolen information to embarrass your company. Further, without appropriate protections, even your team’s web surfing habits can place your company culture at risk. For example, team members viewing inappropriate content can create an uncomfortable work environment; which as you know can have disastrous effects on a business.

Seemingly innocent surfing by your team on their break can bring with it negative consequences for your data security. Downloaded malware can corrupt or damage your OS; take over your systems, steal information and even worse, plant ransomware to damage your business’ reputation...if you don’t pay up.

One of the most valuable assets your business has is its data, and more often than not, data security is the least considered when it comes to dedicating resources and time on task. Most business network security consists of a hodgepodge of virus software, routers, firewalls, email filters and the ‘honor’ system which is supposed to keep team members from abusing web access. The simple truth is the biggest risk to your network security is often a person opening a web page or email and clicking on a link.

A Unified Threat Management System (UTM) with Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) eliminates the need for this tight-rope, creating a single point of contact, feature-rich and secure environment, making the never-ending battle against intruders much easier to wage.

UTM: The Right Tool for The Right Job

While we can’t always control human behavior, we can create systems to compensate for them, ensuring our network and therefore our business is secure. In order to develop a secure environment for your business, KT Connections recommends installing a Unified Threat Management System with Advanced Threat Protection. What makes UTM+ATP so powerful? It’s a physical firewall with cloud based threat mitigation resources that connects directly into your network, becoming the first and most absolute line of defense needed to prevent intrusions.

By providing a comprehensive suite of security measures in one package, UTMs eliminate compatibility issues and build threat intelligence from each layer of security. A piecemeal system simply cannot develop the synergy necessary to allow for effective adaptation and response to a threat when it occurs.

To summarize, a UTM Provides the following features:

  • Provides an all-one-security solution for Security and Networking
  • Remote access and Virtual Private Network (VPN) support
  • Built in web security: anti-malware/virus, filters URLs and as well as content
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) detects and prevents vulnerability exploits such as Denial of Services (DoS)

Now’s the time to consider replacing your current security system with a UTM. KT Connections can show you how to take full advantage of its power and make your business more secure than you ever believed possible. Fill out the contact form or call us at 605-341-3873 today.