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Security Cameras: Keep An Eye On Your Business

Security Cameras: Keep An Eye On Your Business

We’ve all seen those live webcam streams around South Dakota that you can access over the Internet. In fact, we blogged about it here. However, we wanted to clarify something - this doesn’t necessarily mean that we endorse the use of webcams when it comes to security. If you would like a solution to secure your business, a webcam is not the right tool for the job.

Beyond Webcams

A webcam may be perfect for capturing what’s happening in and around South Dakota and experiencing the flavor of the Black Hills (take a moment to check out The Top 10 Webcams to Experience South Dakota’s Great Faces and Places!), but what about your business? 

Despite their abundance, ease of use, and low price-point, webcams are not the right choice for monitoring what’s happening at your office... ironically because (unless they are properly configured with robust passwords) they can be hacked. If you’re interested in using video for office security, you should consider technology which is secure, can capture the finer details, and is more robust than your standard webcam.

Security Cameras

For decades, closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV)  were considered the ‘webcams’ of their generation. However current CCTVs have advanced far from their blurry beginnings and provide the image clarity your business deserves. Today’s digital CCTVs offer high resolution definition which can capture much more detail than ever before. If your organization is using old CCTV cameras or even webcams as a security measure, you are putting your company at risk. After all, what good is capturing an image if you can’t make it out?

Today’s modern digital security cameras are perfect for businesses interested in buttressing their overall network security with a  level of physical security as well.

With today’s digital cameras, gone are the days of keeping and storing stacks of video tapes, or worse, overwriting videos due to a lack of space. Our digital security cameras and digital video recorders (DVRs), make storing and maintaining video tapes a thing of the past. Finally, digital cameras can stay on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (or whatever schedule you prefer), and broadcast everything to the DVR. 

The DVR then sends its recordings over your secure network to a server where these files are stored; another effective use of cloud computing. Speaking of storing data, do you have a business continuity plan in place? With a data backup and recovery solution in place your data (which is your most important asset) can be protected, secured and most importantly recovered regardless of what type of disaster damages your business, man-made or act of nature.

Interested in Securing Your Business with Video?

At KT Connections, we can help you select the appropriate surveillance system for your company. This way, your system is optimized for your organization and is not just a cookie-cutter install. Worried about maintaining your digital surveillance system? We can help with intuitive solutions designed to give you control of your business’ security strategy and our managed IT services can let you focus more on your business and not your IT.

For more information about our digital surveillance systems and how we can help keep your business safe, give us a call at 605-341-3873 or get in touch with us through our web form on our Contact Us page.

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