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Spam: The Silent Killer of Productivity


In many ways, spam is the silent killer of productivity in the business world. Often overlooked and unmeasured by businesses, its effect on their bottom lines in costs and loss of productivity adds up. This is particularly true when there is no comprehensive spam protection solution in place. Going one step further, how many times have you missed an important email, not only because it was sent to the spam folder, but because you forgot to check your spam folder as well? A well-designed and implemented spam policy would prevent this from occurring.

The Cost of Spam
While many businesses consider spam just another thing they have to deal with, spam is expensive, not just in lost productivity but in actual dollars. According to a variety of surveys and industry feedback, some issues spam brings a business are as follows:

  • Spam accounts for nearly 50% of all emails sent. This translates to about 14.5 million spam messages sent to email boxes every day.
  • Over a third of all spam is a mixture of advertising, with adult-related themes and financial issues in the top, second, and third position.
  • Spam cost businesses an unbelievable $20.5 billion every year in lost productivity, spent security measures, and reactive methods to regain network security.

The Right Tool for The Right Job
While email encryption is great for keeping your confidential data out of the hands of cybercriminals, it isn’t designed to prevent spam (which may or may not contain malicious code) from getting into the inbox of your team. Further, despite the value of training your team in email safety and best practices, much of the advice given is reactive, not proactive. The best method to prevent the issues that spam brings with it is to prevent it from reaching your inbox in the first place.

Over 75% of businesses were victims of phishing scams in 2016. This means that 3 out of every 4 team members clicked, downloaded or completed a form which provided access to sensitive information to a hacker. The most effective phishing scams target Dropbox accounts, with team members providing credentials to hackers, who gain access to your cloud solutions. KT Connections offers cost-saving, efficient and (most importantly) secure cloud solutions, including email filtering and spam protection baked in.

Protect Against Spam
While many email applications and productivity suites come with built-in spam protection, they lack the robustness a business needs for their solutions. To be successful against spam, a business needs to be able to adapt to the constant evolution of techniques that utilize hacks, spoofs, phishing, and malware use to gain access to your data. Most out-of-the-box spam protection tools are either too weak or don’t offer enough flexibility to address your individual filtering needs. They either block relevant emails or still allow threatening emails in.

KT Connections’s spam protection uses a different and much more effective filtering method; one focused not only on best practices but also the best results.

Take Back Your Workday with KT Connections
The real power of KT Connections’ spam protection is that it is a hosted solution which uses intelligent, pre-designed filters to keep suspicious emails from entering your network. The best line of defense against spam is one that prevents it from reaching your team’s inbox in the first place. Moreover, anything blocked is quarantined for you to review, which not only ensures you don’t miss an important email but allows you to update your ‘whitelist’ of approved emails, preventing them from ending up in spam the next time.

KT Connections realizes that sifting through spam can be a never-ending time sink, time which should be better spent on moving your business forward. When you reduce spam, you increase the amount of time your team has to be productive, improving workflow and keeping your competitive edge. If your business is fighting a losing battle against spam, now is the time to seize control of your email. Contact KT Connections today at 605-341-3873 and ask us about our spam protection solution.

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