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Unified Threat Management is a Must For a Protected Business


At KT Connections, we understand that your security is paramount to your business’ success. We are committed to providing the means for your organization’s data to be as protected as possible against the variety of threats that you can potentially encounter. To accomplish this, we leverage a security measure known as Unified Threat Management.

Unified Threat Management, or UTM, allows your entire security approach to be monitored and managed simultaneously. As a result, potential threats are more likely to be spotted before they can cause too much damage or make off with your data. Normally, a security system of this magnitude is too expensive for anyone other than a large enterprise, but we feel that businesses of all sizes should be able to leverage UTM for the benefit of their own security. After all, cybercriminals aren’t too picky about whose data they steal.

This is why we work with our vendors to provide you with a UTM solution that is both reliable and affordable for a small or medium-sized business.

Our philosophy is to only use reliable security systems that are peer reviewed and established to be trusted by those peers. In addition to improving your organizational security, our UTM also allows you to meet the many demands that assorted compliance standards set for businesses seeking to operate among different industries.
We examine each UTM that our vendors provide, comparing them based on price, support, and the level of security they offer in order to provide you with the best value for a worthwhile investment.

We don’t feel that security is a luxury reserved for big business. Reach out to us at 605-341-3873 if you’re interested in the benefits that a UTM can provide your business’ security.