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Use Microsoft Office 365 as What It Is: a Collaborative Productivity Suite


Let’s take a moment and consider your typical workday. You come into work, and what’s the first thing you do? Chances are, you pull up Microsoft Outlook and check your email. Maybe you have to edit a Word document, or update the data you have in an Excel spreadsheet, or review a PowerPoint before a big presentation… you get the idea.

By design, the Office suite of solutions is meant to cooperate with each other. Leveraging this capability to your advantage will enable you to accomplish more during work hours.

Microsoft Office 365 is Greater Than Its Individual Parts

You might think, “I don’t need every piece of software that comes with Office 365,” and you might be right. Your position might not require you to ever open a PowerPoint presentation. And yes, you can purchase some of the individual pieces, such as Microsoft Word, as standalone products. That said, when your staff is equipped with the Office 365 productivity suite, collaboration, simplicity, and security are key benefits, and ensure that your team can all be on the same page.

Many organizations have found these suites to be a benefit to their business operations, and they have only improved with the cloud technology that supports them. There are quite a few reasons to consider doing so, including:

  • Cost-savings through cloud-deployed software, hosted externally.
  • Boosted collaboration leading to better, more efficient results.
  • Centralization that leads to more productive processes.
  • Increased mobility thanks to platform diversity and cloud technology.
  • Benefits to security and disaster recovery strategies.
  • Scalability, enabling granular cost optimization.

However, as alluded to above, many organizations actually fall short when it comes to properly leveraging the full capabilities of their productivity suites. Take, for example, Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365 and Its Potential

Microsoft Office 365 offers businesses and their teams all of the benefits listed above. Today, we want to focus in more closely on one of them - its collaboration-boosting capabilities - and how your business could benefit greatly from leveraging them.

As a cloud-based solution, Microsoft Office 365 is inherently suited for collaborative purposes. Not only does it include familiar solutions like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for your users to leverage, it comes with OneDrive, which allows your users to work simultaneously on a particular file. With real time updates and accessibility from effectively anywhere on any device, collaboration doesn’t have to be restricted to those who can assemble in the same place.

Think about it - which sounds more efficient:

Waiting until everyone is onsite and available for a meeting to take place...


...holding the meeting whenever you can, leveraging the solutions provided by Microsoft Office 365 to collaborate with coworkers, whether they’re across the room or across the country?

This example perfectly summarizes why solutions like Office 365 are better for the modern worker. The way that we work is evolving, and so our solutions need to match that evolution so that we can remain competitive. Once, an employee needed to be at the office and seated at their desk in order to accomplish anything - especially if they needed to collaborate with the rest of their team. Now, thanks to cloud solutions like Office 365, this just isn’t the case anymore. With solutions like OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, and Skype for Business included, Office 365 offers you plenty of means to work collaboratively… and this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty more opportunities in addition to the ones listed here.

This is why it is so important that you resist the temptation to discount Microsoft Office 365 as little more than another version of the core Microsoft applications. While these applications are included, Office 365 offers far more, providing your business with far more value.

To learn more about how a productivity suite like Microsoft Office 365 can provide your business with considerable benefit, reach out to us at 605-341-3873, or visit our Microsoft Office 365 page.

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