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What to Use Without Google Wallet

What to Use Without Google Wallet

In early April, year 2017, we posted a blog describing how to use Google Wallet. As it happens, it was just a year later that Google decided to consolidate some of its services, including Google Wallet and Android Pay. As a result, we now have Google Pay - a single app to serve these needs.

Below, we’re going back and exploring the development of Google Pay into what it is today. We’ll also explore some other options you have for these kinds of transactions.

Google Pay, Today

On the consumer side, Google Pay acts like you’d expect any digital wallet to: it makes it easier to pay for things both in-store and online. With the capability to store payment cards in the app for easy access, Google Pay has a variety of uses for the end user.

  • A convenient payment card replacement for use in-store, in-app, or online
  • A cash exchange system between users
  • A ticket repository for digital travel tickets
  • A reference feed for offers, localized to the end user

For the business, Google Pay plays nicely with a variety of terminals and platforms, enabling you to accept these kinds of payments with little issue and no fees attached. Even better, because Google Pay shares no actual card number with you, it helps keep your customer/clients’ data safer.

Of course, if you’d rather utilize a different service as both a business owner and as an end user, there are plenty of other options available for your business’ needs as well.

Alternative Digital Wallet and Payment Apps

Your selection between today’s existing solutions will likely have much to do with your needs as a user, as well as which solutions you prefer to use.

Samsung Pay is another popular option, as is Apple Pay, if your devices support these solutions, each with many of the same features and functions as Google Pay offers. Many commonly-known apps, like PayPal and Venmo, have proven useful to a business as well.

KT Connections can help you manage this crucial aspect of your business. Reach out to us at 605-341-3873 today!

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