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Why Businesses Need Tools Like OneDrive


In today’s competitive environment, small businesses and large businesses seek to attract the same audience. Fortunately, the technology solutions of today can level the playing field by expanding the capabilities of smaller businesses. This is especially true of cloud solutions, particularly Microsoft OneDrive.

Here, we’ll explore the value of leveraging OneDrive for Business in your operations.

How OneDrive for Business Can Benefit You  

OneDrive for Business is a different animal than the consumer-focused version of OneDrive. Instead of a personal cloud solution, OneDrive for Business offers a 1 terabyte-sized collaborative space for your organization’s workforce to organize their files for the long term. Rather than the self-management that the consumer version of OneDrive offers, OneDrive for Business is managed by, well, the business. On the surface, many of their features seem the same, with the exception of the added features included with OneDrive for Business.

Useful OneDrive for Business Features and Integrations

OneDrive for Business comes with some very useful tools for a business user to leverage. For instance:

Microsoft Outlook Integration

Attaching a file to an email would be a great way to collaborate on that file, if it didn’t generate a new version of that file each time someone made an edit. With its integration with Outlook, OneDrive helps to solve that problem. Rather than sending a file as a static attachment, Outlook allows a user to send a file that is stored in OneDrive, enabling everyone involved to work collaboratively on a single file, eliminating the excess versions.

Files On-Demand

Files On-Demand allows a user to view their files in a single place, visually combining OneDrive with the File Explorer - without the need to actually download the files saved in OneDrive to the device until you need them, saving space. If needed, these files can be easily synced to a device to be made available offline, and just as easily removed.

Files Restore

This feature allows a user to roll back files to a prior state within 30 days. Presented as a histogram, file activity is presented visually to assist the user in finding the version they want to restore. This histogram also provides each file’s modification history.

Known Folder Move

If there is a particular Windows folder that a user wants to keep synchronized to OneDrive, Known Folder Move allows them to do so. This migration functionality can be set up at any time.

Ready to Leverage OneDrive for Business?

Reach out to the professionals at KT Connections for assistance with setting up OneDrive for Business in your operations. Call 605-341-3873 today.

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