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Why KT Connections Loves Attending Local Events

Why KT Connections Loves Attending Local Events

We have been attending a lot of local events around Rapid City - including the recent South Dakota Manufacturer’s Day. It helps us understand the businesses we work with even more, and we think all businesses should do the same. Here’s why!

Attending Events Keeps Us in Touch with the Community

Even though we provide managed IT and cybersecurity services for a variety of industries here in Rapid City and the surrounding areas, we know that the work we do can - and does - impact the entire population. Consider the industries we serve - oil and gas companies, government agencies, healthcare providers, educational institutions, hospitality and tourism, legal services, and (of course) manufacturing. Who benefits from the success of these industries (and keep in mind, that wasn’t even a comprehensive list)? Who makes up the workforce for these industries?

Our community does.

This makes it critical that we make ourselves available to the community at large. By discussing the needs that they see in their workplaces with them directly, we are able to better shape what we offer to address those needs.

On a related note...

Attending Events Gives Us the Opportunity to Learn and Improve

Let’s consider the manufacturer’s summit we recently attended for a moment. Not only was it a great chance to network with our area’s manufacturing business leaders, it taught us a lot about what the solutions we offer to manufacturers need to address. There were programs discussing different aspects of cybersecurity as it applies to manufacturing, what businesses are concerned about before adopting automated solutions, and what kinds of data manufacturers are most interested in collecting. 

While the subject matter was different, we had similar experiences when we attended the Technology and Innovation in Education (TIE) Conference in April, or the South Dakota Dental Association Exhibitor Show in May.

The same could be said of the Chamber of Commerce Mixer we attended in February, or the Lunch & Learn we co-hosted with Allworx, also in April. By communicating with our audience and observing which topics interest them the most at events like these, we get a better grasp of what is important to these businesses and their leadership. As a result, we can better identify the solutions that will best serve their needs.

Attending Events Gives Us the Chance to Share Our Knowledge

Returning once again to Manufacturer’s Day, it isn’t as though we went in without anything to contribute ourselves. We went in as active participants, ready to talk to anyone we could about leveraging IT solutions as a part of (and as a benefit to) the manufacturing process.

See, our role is to spot trends in any industry - specifically, those regarding how technology is used - and make sure that businesses in our area have a resource to assist them in implementing that technology. As such, we take particular notice of how even businesses that seem relatively low-tech can make considerable use of technology, as was the case with our new Sioux Falls neighbors, lawn care service provider GreenPal.

It may sound cheesy at first, but we make your success our business. By attending these events, we are more prepared to provide the kind of services that the organizations we work for will require.

Again, we’re certainly prepared to see to a manufacturer’s improved productivity through technology solutions. For instance:

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