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Your Business Should Rely on a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

Your Business Should Rely on a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

When you work with huge corporations that provide software or IT infrastructure for your business, especially when you are on the smaller side of their average customer, you can feel a little dissociated. You don’t get the hands-on help you might need, or the long-term white-glove treatment you deserve.

Microsoft vets managed service providers (like KT Connections) and provides certification, training resources, and deeper levels of support. They only provide this to partners that they’ve determined to have a very strong understanding of Microsoft’s solutions.

Microsoft provides many solutions to businesses via the cloud; notably, the Office 365 productivity suite and the Azure platform. While it is possible to obtain these services through Microsoft itself, the implementation and management it takes to get these products to fit in with your business can be complex. Unfortunately, you aren’t paying Microsoft to give you that white-glove treatment. That’s where we come in.

What Does the Cloud Solution Provider Do?

KT Connections has been vetted and certified by Microsoft as a CSP. This gives us a deeper relationship with Microsoft for support. When something goes wrong, we don’t need to jump through the same hoops as a typical Microsoft customer. Their support will understand that we’ve gone through a lot of the basic troubleshooting steps and escalate us to the proper tier to get your issues solved.

We can also offer our clients industry-specific solutions for organizations such as non-profits, education, hospitality and tourism and more that come along with Microsoft products. This is extremely important for cloud solutions, which are often built as one-size-fits-all but require a lot of configuration and customization to fit the needs of a specific business.

Obtaining your cloud solutions through a certified CSP, offers you considerably greater value. Rather than just pushing a sale, your CSP will commit to understanding your particular situation and ensuring that you have the technology needed to support your operations. Part of this is maintaining the solutions that they have provided to you, renewing them and applying upgrades when the time comes, as well as providing direct support as needed.

The Cloud is So Flexible and Scalable, It’s Foreign Territory for Unqualified Technicians

When a business leverages a cloud-based service, their allotted resources can shift to match their needs. In other words, your business will want to buy into enough resources to support what you are trying to host in the cloud, but there could be variables or specific requirements that need to be planned out in advance.

You definitely don’t want to overpay for resources or licenses you aren’t using, but you’ll also want to know upfront exactly what you should be budgeting for, and that’s never a straightforward process. It takes a lot of training and experience to get a handle on the ins and outs of cloud solutions, and being a Microsoft CSP proves that a partner has the understanding that will prevent your business from spending too much or having to pull out after realizing your goals aren’t obtainable with your current budget.

This also means that you can be sure that your investment into a given solution, whether it’s the Azure platform or Office 365, is always optimized for what you need. For many businesses, adopting the cloud has felt like a leap of faith, and there are plenty of horror stories to go along with it, but the issues usually stem from poor implementation and planning.

Most importantly, a Microsoft CSP has the authority to bundle services that are the closest fit to their clients’ individual needs. This way, the business gets precisely what they need, managed by a single, trustworthy resource.

KT Connections can be your Microsoft CSP, assisting you in maintaining your use of the cloud. To learn more, visit our Microsoft CSP page or reach out to us at 888-891-4201 today!

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