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Play fully licensed music for business purposes to improve your business’ ambiance.

Why Should I Play Music in My Location?

Whether you run a retail operation or work out of an office, a bit of music in the background has been shown to have real benefits for a workforce. Listening to music causes the human brain to release dopamine, a hormone that acts as a reward for the brain and helps to improve focus. 90 percent of employees will perform better while listening to music, while 88 percent are more accurate in their outcomes. Background music can also reduce stress and boost moods, so there are plenty of reasons to use streaming music for business’ benefit.

  • 92 percent of people are more accurate in their data entry with ambient music
  • 58 percent of people complete data entry tasks more efficiently when listening to pop music
  • Pop music also reduces mistakes by 14 percent
  • Proofreading can be done 20 percent faster when listening to dance music
  • Classical music can improve an employee’s accuracy by 12 percent

Business owners have very clear opinions, as well.

  • 77 percent believe music benefits morale
  • 68 percent believe music benefits productivity
  • 40 percent believe music can increase sales

Introducing Harmony - the Brand Experience Platform from Mood Media.

Using Harmony, you can set playlists to provide your business with the musical ambiance that provides these benefits. Choosing from curated playlists or creating your own, developing a schedule for your music is simple - and, thanks to the mobile-friendly access that Harmony provides, convenient.

Using Harmony, you have access to a full range of curated music, fully licensed for your use.


Create your own piecemeal playlist from the largest library available, adjusting your business’ unique sound with specialized and intuitive controls.


Access to more than 150 professionally-curated playlists for your use.


Search for the music you are looking for, and design your playlists with the assistance of Virtual Music Design technology.

With the web-based manager, you can create and schedule different tracks for different times throughout the day, different days of the week.

Reach out to KT Connections today to start using the Harmony platform and leverage the benefits of music for business! Call 888-891-4201 today, or fill out the form on this page.

Why Not Just Play Your Own Music?

One of the primary benefits of Harmony is the fact that the music it provides is all fully licensed for business use.

According to copyright law in the United States, anyone who plays music in public or otherwise distributes it in any form must have the rights to that music. Otherwise, there could be steep penalties and fines handed down… up to $150,000 per incident. Mood - the creator of Harmony - has taken care of that on your behalf. Among the rights Mood has secured:

Master rights are the right of the actual sound recording. Mood has direct licenses with all the major record labels and almost 5,000 independent ones.

Mechanical rights are the right of the author/composer/publisher to the song’s music and lyrics (the “underlying musical work”). In order to copy a song, a business needs to secure these rights - something Mood has done with thousands of catalogs around the world.

Performance rights are the right to publicly perform (or play) a musical composition within a business, secured through the publisher, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, or other performance rights organizations. Mood Media has secured these rights.

Protect your business while still taking advantage of music’s benefits! Call KT Connections today at 888-891-4201!

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