What Is VoIP?

VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol), is the technology that has enabled businesses to use the telephone in a much more cost-effective way, with more features than ever before. By replacing the standard analog phone line with a digital broadband connection, VoIP provides businesses a means to make and receive calls from anywhere they can access the Internet.

With little or no more domestic long-distance charges, along with a litany of other benefits, VoIP has exploded in popularity with businesses large and small.

How Can VoIP Help Your Business?

While the technology behind VoIP may be complicated, the advantages to using it are very simple:

Cost Savings

Implementing a VoIP solution with KT Connections allows you to effectively eliminate a sizable portion of your investment into your telephone system. You have the option to possibly use an existing Internet connection or a dedicated VoIP connection (often referred to as a SIP Trunk) which enables you to get twice the value from your Internet connection services and eliminate charges for traditional phone lines.


VoIP also gives you options as to how an employee can access the solution. Available as a mobile app, a desktop client, or integrated into a dedicated IP telephone, a VoIP solution can be deployed to each of your employees in the way that best suits their individual needs. The nature of VoIP also makes it much easier to relocate within the office than a more traditional phone would be, as there is no need to accommodate another dedicated phone line or change an extension. All this flexibility enables a much easier Work-From-Home solution for your staff.

Additional Features and Integrations

While the traditional telephone service may have required you to pay extra for added functionality that supported your business processes, many of these features and more are included in the solution. With things like call forwarding, presence, contact imports from Outlook and unified messaging, important messages never have to be missed and collaboration and continuity are boosted with call recording capabilities, audio conferencing bridging, and auto attendants to direct the caller to the right place.

Why Turn to KT Connections for Your Hosted VoIP?

With over 25 years of experience in assisting businesses around Western South Dakota with their IT, we have the capability to properly assess your business’ network and confirm that VoIP is the right fit for you with no cost or obligation from you. We’ll give you our honest opinion, and if it turns out that VoIP isn’t the right fit, we have other options for you to consider that we’re happy to recommend if they are better for your needs.

Reach out to KT Connections Today to Learn More!

For more information about VoIP, or to schedule your business’ assessment, get in contact with us by calling 605-341-3873 or by filling out our Contact Us form. We’re always happy to discuss the possibility of providing a Hosted VoIP (or an On-Premise VoIP) solution. 

Call 605-341-3873 now for a risk-free, no-pressure conversation from our IT professionals!

KT Connections and Allworx came to the rescue.
When we purchased a new phone system from KT Connections this past year, the possibility of using it for work from home hadn't even crossed our minds. When COVID-19 became front and center in mid-March, I had to start making plans to send employees home to work. KT Connections and Allworx came through in a pinch, getting our phones configured for remote profile and providing the necessary power supplies. I was able to send employees home and they were able to plug the Allworx phones into their home routers and everything worked from the get-go with no additional support needed. The knowledgeable IT staff at KT Connections are second to none.

-John Griffith, Dakota Radiology


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