Zoom Collaborative Solutions for Businesses Who Take Meetings Seriously

Leverage modern communications with Zoom enterprise tools from KT Connections

A Business’ Success Largely Hinges on its Ability to Communicate

Without communication, there just isn’t the opportunity for a business to be proactive and productive in its endeavors. Misunderstood instructions, confused responsibilities, and missed deadlines are all symptoms of an overwhelming failure to communicate.

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

If that description summed up your current state of affairs, you likely already have realized that you need a better option for your business’ communications. Whether what you need is just an improvement over the solution you’re currently using, or you want to take your business’ collaborative abilities to the next level, the solutions and enterprise-quality tools offered by Zoom are a good fit.

With KT Connections’ help, your business can use the advanced capabilities offered with Zoom solutions.

Zoom Meetings take Video Conferencing to a More Collaborative Place

Whatever device you and your employees prefer to use, wherever they happen to be, and whatever kind of meetings you need to run - Zoom Meetings can accommodate your needs. Available as a mobile application on both Android devices and iPhones or as a desktop client, Zoom Meetings can happen wherever you are.

Group Size

Whether you simply need to share a single video stream with a small team of people, or you need to reach out to a massive group and show many more streams, Zoom Meetings can support up to 1000 separate video participants and display up to 49 videos simultaneously. These multiple shared screens are boosted by the ability participants have to make notes on multiple displays.


Of course, all of this collaboration is protected by an assortment of security measures, including:

  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Password Protection
  • Role-Based User Security
  • Attendee Holding Capabilities

Modern Features

Not only can Zoom Meeting be attended through a variety of devices, there are other features that allow you to put your best foot forward during your meetings, including:

  • Automatic transcripts allow you to focus on participating, not note-taking
  • Virtual Backgrounds and Touch Up My Appearance features allow you to always look your best
  • Videos don’t need to be uploaded to be shared and played
  • Zoom integrates with a variety of modern collaboration applications, email solutions, and calendar applications

Zoom Rooms Turn Your Conference Room into the Ultimate Meeting Space

Zoom Rooms are a subscription-based service that makes video conferencing more collaborative than it already is. Focused on flexibility, video conferencing can be started at the push of a button with other rooms, desktop users, and mobile devices, thanks to the use of cloud technology.

Using your existing infrastructure in your prebuilt meeting room, Zoom Rooms are easy to scale and manage with 99.99 percent uptime … and that’s just the start.

Zoom Room Capabilities

Scheduling and Reservations

A simple display can allow your team to check the room’s schedule for availability, and claim a time to use it for their needs. Once the meeting is set to begin, participants can use the display to check in and mark their attendance.

Simplified Collaboration

Adding participants is simple, and since these solutions can use effectively any device, there is little that has to be done beyond hitting ‘accept.’ Screen sharing and annotation abilities make collaboration easy, HD video and audio ensuring that everyone is heard and understood.

Centralized Controls

IT teams can access a centralized administration portals, allowing your team to deploy rooms and set access controls, among other capabilities.

Do Zoom Meetings and Zoom Rooms Sound Like the Perfect Collaboration Solutions for Your Business?

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