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Edge Computing

KT Connections is Helping South Dakota Businesses Get Faster Processing and More Secure Access to their Data with Edge Computing.

Why Edge Computing?

While there are clear benefits to cloud computing and it’s often a standard platform for businesses, in some areas, cloud computing is limited. For example:

  • Access to your cloud data depends on stable Internet access; offline access may not be available.
  • There is often some latency when accessing data from the cloud.
  • Ongoing data storage costs that will increase based on usage.
  • Unless your team employs best practices, there is an increased risk of security issues.

Edge computing seeks to address some of the inherent weaknesses in cloud computing, often by employing a ‘hybrid’ approach that combines Edge and Cloud. As technology pushes its way into every part of business, the need for Edge computing is expanding.

What is Edge Computing?

In simple terms, Edge computing enables you to instantly collect, process, and reduce vast amounts of data where you need it, and then upload to a centralized data center or cloud. A huge amount of data is created at the ‘edge’ of a business; not within the ‘core’ of a data center. The ultimate goal of Edge computing is to locate data and processing closer to the point of origin. The results will be a reduction in broadband use, cloud processing power and storage costs, while increasing productivity due to a reduction of latencies. 

How Can My Business Benefit From Edge Computing?

Reduce the Need for Bandwidth
As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues its path to becoming the dominant form of technology (statistics say there are currently 12 billion devices connected to the internet, and by 2025 there will be 75 billion devices worldwide. Once you understand the IoT, you will recognize the value of Edge computing brings to your business. Particularly reducing the need for external data services, by bringing some data management inhouse.

Edge computing is felt the most where a brand touches its customers. Companies want to deliver a flexible, trusted, and personal customer experience to build brand loyalty and business opportunities. This makes edge computing vital to business success.

KT Connection recognizes that SMB’s have limited resources and we are continuously exploring new methods to increase your productivity, while being mindful of your business. Edge computing can be part of your business strategy to increase efficiency, while streamlining overhead.

Reduction of Latency
As healthcare becomes increasingly digitized, Edge computing can help keep data streamlined and secure. A medical practice often includes multiple sites with large networks that share robust data between them. With Edge computing, you can process data where the patient is, allowing for more transparency and increased accessibility with lower latency.

Edge computing also goes where your business needs to go. Whether your needs take you to a container ship offshore, a casino boat, an ocean liner, an oil rig platform, or a remote construction site, Edge computing can bring highly available processing power and autonomy to your remote location.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the future and as more devices connect to the internet, it is only a matter of time when the processing delay your business faces will begin to interfere with your team’s productivity. Edge computing offers a solution: utilize your local Edge computing system to process this data and reduce lag time. 

Finally, for some industries, such as financial, healthcare, hospitality, and others, the low latency associated with Edge computing is critical to providing clients with the responsiveness they are expecting. When offloaded to the cloud, there is a possibility these essential processes can be slowed down due to latency.

Is Cloud Computing Obsolete?

No, not at all… However, one of the things we value at KT Connections is offering the best tool for the best job. South Dakota businesses require more than a one-size fits all solution. Make no mistake, cloud computing offers a wide range of benefits, and it’s here to stay; but technology and your needs as a business continue to evolve. Businesses need to constantly be searching for ways to leverage their resources and Edge computing can provide such leverage as a supplement to your current cloud computing solution; not a replacement. 

Let’s Determine How Edge Computing Can Benefit Your Bottom Line

Lean on the experts at KT Connections to guide you. We will work with you to ensure that you get the maximum benefits available, our team supporting you each step of the way. Call us at 888-891-4201 to learn more about Edge computing and our wide-range of IT solutions.

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