Hardware Virtualization - What is it?

Hardware Virtualization

Instead of having independent operating systems and servers, hardware virtualization consolidates these items into a single server and delivers them virtually from the cloud.

Each operating system then becomes a separate virtual machine within the host server and is accessible by your employees through thin clients, or PCs with barely any hardware.

How can Hardware Virtualization Help my Business?

By virtualizing your organization's computing infrastructure, you will instantly cut your energy and hardware maintenance costs.

In most stand-alone PCs, the computing resources are mostly wasted, and when you combine all of the machines your company uses, that waste piles up. But when you host numerous computing environments from a single machine, those computing resources no longer experience any waste and upgrade cost become considerably cheaper since there is only 1 machine to upgrade.

What will KT Connections' Hardware Virtualization Solution Provide?

There are different variations of virtualization to choose from, and we would have to customize a plan that will work best for your specific business. Some virtualization options include:

  • Full virtualization - Share a computer system among multiple users, isolate users on a system, and host emulation of new hardware to achieve superior reliability.
  • Partial virtualization - Implement fully-featured virtual machines to support specific software applications.
  • Paravirtualization - Coordinates hardware utilization between multiple operating systems.

With many flexible options available, we have a solution for any and all of your hardware virtualization needs. And with two decades of experience in the IT field, our technicians will be able to easily find the best fit for your organization.

How Can We Get Started?

To learn more about how to consolidate your computing infrastructure, call us today at 888-891-4201. Once we have a better understanding of your specific business, we can get started on a custom virtualization solution.

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