Hosted Servers

Cloud-hosted Server

Hosted Servers at KT Connections deliver efficiency. By choosing us to host your company infrastructure, you are ensuring your company has optimal levels of reliability and stability while minimizing downtime.

Some of the benefits that hosting your server in our reliable and expertly-managed data center include:

  • Less hardware to maintain
  • More space in your office
  • Considerable reduction in utility costs
  • Reduction in overhead
  • Professional support

We will ensure that your data is backed up and your computing infrastructure safe.

Forget about the maintenance and upkeep of your network, our respected IT professionals will handle it all. As with our other hosted solutions, our cloud environment is extremely flexible and delivers the computing resources that you require to be as productive as possible.

Mobile Computing for Business

Having access from any files or applications housed on our data center, from anywhere, using almost any device, promotes the mobility that many businesses are seeking in today's competitive marketplace.

The Value of Hosted Infrastructure

With KT Connections hosted servers, you will no longer have to worry about hardware and software upgrades ever again.

At KT Connections we're committed to seeing your business grow. For more information on how our IT consultants can help your IT department, call us at 888-891-4201 or fill out our Contact Us form.

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