Virtual/Remote Desktop

Cloud-hosted Laptop

Virtual/Remote Desktop platforms allow the business-class productivity applications your team depends on every day, as well as all the files you need, to be stored in data centers managed by our network operations center (NOC). By virtualizing your company's servers, using virtual/remote desktop technology, you can substantially reduce the operational cost of your IT.

NOC allows us to completely manage every aspect of your company’s computing infrastructure to ensure fast, uninterrupted delivery, without the hassle and expense of physical workstations for each employee.

Security isn’t an issue either; with the security systems and practices KT Connections has in place, you will never have to worry about the state of the data that we manage.

Virtualization and Thin Clients

The growing popularity of utility computing in the cloud presents options to equip your entire organization with thin client terminals that only require minimal hardware and Internet access.

Our virtual/remote desktop service eliminates power and capital outlays for hardware as you use thin clients. Save money by not having to pay to maintain your physical workstations.

Increase Mobility

Many companies are making a big push for mobility. With our virtual/remote desktop access to work files and company-run applications are available anywhere. 

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