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Today, most of the documents your employees rely on to make your business run properly are in a digital format. And while some companies still rely on fire proof vaults and off-site filing systems for document duplication, there are now better ways for companies to endure disasters that lead to data loss. Providing redundant storage for your data is a way of implementing a business continuity plan.

Proper business continuity means having a procedure in place in order for your company to continue critical functions during and after a disaster. Comprehensive planning also focuses on long-term and chronic challenges to a organizational success. Disasters can include hardware failures, critical malware infections, and natural disasters.

Disaster Recovery refers to the steps taken to resume business operations in the event of those aforementioned disasters. For the services we offer, these steps would include restoring servers or mainframes with the backups we've taken.

Consider the files stored on your network. Everything is probably stored on a central hard drive or server to make operations as simple and efficient as possible for the multiple users on your network. But without the proper backup system, all of that data could be lost due to hardware failure, natural disaster, or most probably human error. Nearly 70% of businesses that lose access to their data for more than two weeks eventually go out of business. Having a backup and recovery solution, like our Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR), is an essential component of a solid business continuity plan.

What You Will Get With Our BDR Solution

At KT Connections, you can count on a Data Backup Solution that:

  • Is simple, yet effective, affordable, and custom to your business
  • Utilizes hard drives to redundantly backup your data. We also store copies of the data in a facility that is off site from your primary location, which helps to ensure that it is redundant and impossible to lose.
  • Easily restores your original data, if anything were to happen to it. We guarantee that we will get your systems back up and running again.

Our goal is to minimize your downtime to minutes, as opposed to the hours it takes to restore that data by using a less efficient backup solution (such as tape). We believe that it is best practice to find a solution that not only backs up your data redundantly in multiple locations, but has the ability to be restored in minutes.

How much does a BDR Solution Cost from KTConnections?

Cost is based on a number of factors such as what we are backing up, how often we are backing it up, how many versions of backups we are storing, how fast of a recovery time objective you need, and what parts of your data are essential for continuity. That’s why we would like to talk to you about your business needs first. From there we can provide a no obligation quote, and unlike other backup providers, our service will always be flat-rate from month to month, so you’ll never receive a surprise bill. All you have to do is give us a call at 888-891-4201 and we’ll schedule a time to discuss what your business needs are, and present a solution that caters to them.

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