Remote Monitoring & Maintenance (RMM)

Remote Network Monitoring

A Remote Monitoring & Maintenance Solution means that your company's IT service provider uses software and tools designed to monitor the status of all the equipment on your network. These tools provide analytical information to your remote service provider so they can catch and resolve any issues that arise.

Often at times with RMM, you won’t even know you had an issue because it’s resolved before it affects you.

This takes day-to-day maintenance responsibilities off of your plate, freeing up time & resources. RMM also includes remote support for various equipment, from mobile devices to entire networks.

Keeping software and firmware up to date is a big part of RMM. New viruses, Trojans, and malware are created frequently, and the proper RMM solution can prevent bad actors from gaining access to your network.

Why risk it? If you need a reliable RMM solution, we can help.

Remote Monitoring

We install our monitoring software on all workstations and servers. If any unnatural conditions are detected, our Network Operations Center (NOC) will be notified instantly. The NOC will then automatically generate a ticket with all the details and our technicians will begin to investigate the issue.

Additionally, our remote login tool will allow us to access any managed PC. If you or your employees need to share their screens to fix a problem, we have that option. Using that same tool, our techs can navigate around the operating system (OS), and will quickly fix potentially critical issues too. Our goal will always be to eliminate serious errors before they occur.

Remote Maintenance

We will set up configuration profiles on all of your workstations and servers in order to catalog important information about the PCs you need to be managed. Whenever updates for any of your hardware or software become available, our NOC will be notified.

We will schedule updates to be delivered at a time that is most convenient for you. Our goal is to eliminate downtime as much as possible and to work with your staff to handle all necessary maintenance that your computer systems need.

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