Acquire a dedicated, knowledgeable IT expert for Strategic Planning

Ultimate Customer Service Experience

With a virtual CIO (vCIO), you contact one of KTConnections professionals for IT Planning.

vCIO Service Features:

  • A Dedicated, Qualified IT Professional
  • Expert Consultation Services
  • IT Roadmaps Detailing Future Expenses
  • Mentoring for Management

If someone is promising you good customer service, you would expect them to remember important details like your name and past interactions. By knowing the important details about the IT needs of your company, your vCIO can provide you with the ultimate customer service experience.

It is the job of the vCIO to work closely with you and learn everything they can about the needs of your business. When it comes down to it, a vCIO is like a high-level consultant who has your best interests in mind.

The vCIO will provide technical guidance for projects and the "big picture" all the while researching and evaluating new tech. They also work with you to assess your vision and help accomplish your business goals by recommending the best technology solutions to meet your specific needs.

Create an IT Plan That Fits Your Needs

A vCIO will build out short and long-term IT plans for your business.

The vCIO will learn the intricacies of your business, develop a strategic IT plan that will work for you, and align with the IT budget. A well-designed and executed plan will save you money in the long term because it means more productive staff, less downtime, and improved resource utilization for every IT dollar spent.

When the vCIO makes an IT plan for your company, they take into consideration important planning details like your budget, your projections for growth, the needs of your clients and employees, and the goals of your business. The vCIO will then use their business & technology expertise to assess your current IT environment and determine a strategic path forward taking into account emerging technologies.

Expert Advice at a Fraction of the Cost

Get the experience of a knowledgeable executive without having to hire one full-time.

Your vCIO has the experience and the connections available to make the most of your technology dollars. With a close network of industry professionals, as well as plenty of personal experience to call upon, your vCIO can participate in board room presentations and enable stakeholder buy-in. In fact, the vCIO can even act as a mentor for your managerial staff by helping them develop knowledge around IT in regularly scheduled partnership business reviews.

Benefits of vCIO Service:

  • Your virtual CIO knows your business technology inside and out.
  • Expert technology advice concerning all changes made to your IT infrastructure.
  • Professional IT consultation without adding another salary to your budget.
  • Access to a vast network of vendors and in-house IT experts.
  • Regular IT review meetings to stay focused on your goals.
  • Improved Return on Investment.

At KT Connections we're committed to seeing your business grow. For more information on how our IT consultants can help your IT department, call us at 888-891-4201 or fill out our Contact Us form.