EMR: Electronic Medical Records

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Doctors are no different from business owners - they need their technology to work properly in order to efficiently do their jobs.

At KT Connections, we are proud to provide enterprise-level technology solutions and support for small and midsized practices in the Western South Dakota area. One of the benefits your health care practice will see by partnering with us is that we offer an emergency medical/health records solutions that will streamline your patients' sensitive information. By incorporating these EHR/EMRs into your practice, you can present your patients with improved care.

Why Choose KT Connections?

KT Connections presents customizable EMR packages that are specifically built for health care physicians.

By converting your practice over from paper files to an EMR/EHR interface, you are taking a big step forward. This process isn't without its issues, as it takes time to migrate the patient information over to a digital format. At KT Connections, we help you make that transition seamless. We facilitate all the training and support you will need to get your EMR/EHR package up and running. We will guide you and your staff through the process of converting and utilizing your new EMR solution. This service will allow you to focus on patient care and not on your practice's technology.

Cut Costs with EMR/EHR

With KT Connections's EMR solution, changes to a patient's medical record happen in real time. Providers see benefits immediately, especially when a patient will be seen by multiple practitioners in one visit.

Our EMR solution eliminates the costs for transcriptions, and with the press of a button, patients information can be sorted and displayed. Another benefit for healthcare practices are the government incentives of implementing an EMR program. This provides additional value beyond the benefits of simply streamlining the operations of your practice.

For more information about emergency medical/health records, and how KT Connections can present options for your practice, contact us at 888-891-4201.

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