Physical Security

Is Physical Security a Part of Your Defense Strategy?

It’s one thing to have your technology solutions squared away and secured in the digital sense, but how well-secured are the physical locations and the assets of your business?

This is precisely why physical security solutions also need to factor into your company’s protections. KT Connections can help you accomplish this with a variety of solutions that deliver some benefits to your company’s defenses against threats and attacks.

Access Control

Access Control Systems

One of the best ways to keep your business secure; ensure physical areas that should only be accessed by certain people can only be accessed by those people and no one else! Access control solutions do precisely this, ensuring that you have the final say over who in your business can get into certain areas or spaces. Authentication methods for access control can take many forms, but the most common are keypads and card readers.

When considering how to secure the business, many organizations focus all of their efforts on locking down their data - forgetting that they have a physical business that needs to be secured as well.

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Access Control

Digital Surveillance Systems

Improvements in image capturing have led to some amazing coverage options for your company’s security camera system. In fact, with so many options in the marketplace, it’s really a requirement to engage with a professional to help you make the right selection.

When it boils down to it, any security camera system needs to have three qualities: reliability, quality, and cost efficacy. KT Connections can help make sure that your camera system measures up in all three benchmarks, as well as ensure it is properly installed, configured, and secured for remote access. After all, deterring a few potential criminals and helping ensure employee safety are just a few things a good a camera system can do.

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Security Camera

Why are Digital Surveillance Systems Important for Businesses to Have?

Within the last decade, technology has seen plenty of advancement, and in the world of surveillance systems, security cameras are no exception. Many antiquated security systems still exist and can found all over the world, but with the rise of digital cameras and DVR technology, why settle for equipment that will let you down in the event of theft? Closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV) were good when they first came out, but now they are practically medieval. Today, CCTV cameras are notorious for their poor quality, especially if the camera is far away from the object it's capturing. Even when CCTV cameras capture someone's face, the resolution is often blurry. By using old CCTV cameras or none at all, you are putting your building and company at risk.

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