Lean on KT Connections as Your Microsoft CSP

A Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) can provide your business with increased value for your cloud solution.

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Microsoft Office 365

What is Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)?

Office 365 refers to subscriptions that give users access to Microsoft's Office applications and other productivity services that are accessible over the internet. Many Microsoft Office 365 plans for businesses also include desktop versions of the latest Office software, which users can implement on multiple devices.

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Improve Collaboration & Mobility For Your Team

Microsoft SharePoint is widely used as a powerful business collaboration platform for many of the world’s most successful organizations. It provides a dynamic, cost-effective solution for organizations that are looking to add robust collaborative capabilities to their workflow. At KT Connections, we can help you increase productivity by creating and deploying solutions that help organizations take advantage of their IT resources. If your organization is searching for a way to align your business’ technological tools with its operational workflow, look no further than our professional SharePoint deployment services.

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What is Microsoft Teams?
Microsoft Teams is a fully integrated collaboration platform that Office 365 customers can use to make their group-based work much easier.

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