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The Black Hills of western South Dakota boast a strong medical system with the best healthcare providers the region has to offer. Today, our physicians provide patient care within a growing network of hospitals, medical clinics, dental practices, pharmacies, community health centers, nursing homes, diagnostic laboratories, etc. In addition to the individual expertise of each of our region’s healthcare professionals, it’s the connection between these facilities and providers that builds a strong comprehensive healthcare system.

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The financial sector is a competitive industry driven by economic opportunity. Today, regulatory issues and fluctuating fiscal climates signify a complex business atmosphere where IT challenges frequently slip beneath more pressing priorities. At the same time, banks, credit unions, financial advisors, stock brokerages, accountancy companies, credit card companies, etc. have found themselves operating largely on the innovations of the Information Age. Therefore, failing to progress in this arena often translates to a missed opportunity.

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Oil & Gas

The region surrounding our Rapid City, South Dakota headquarters is booming with oil. In fact, North Dakota celebrates a budget surplus and the lowest unemployment rate in the United States, all in thanks to the oil boom. Pair North Dakota’s good oil fortune with Wyoming‘s richness in oil and gas resources: the state ranks 3rd nationwide in the production of natural gas and 8th for crude oil. In western South Dakota, we’re pleased to share borders with US states hosting some of the largest oil and gas fields in the nation and, likewise, celebrating economic growth.

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Like governmental entities, non-profit organizations strive to accomplish great goals with limited hours in the day, wiggle room in the budget, and staff members on payroll. The financial resources a non-profit comes to possess often comes down to fundraising; and as any non-profit employee will tell you, raising funds is no easy task. It takes developed skill and persistent leadership to shape a system and culture for fundraising success.

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Generally, the word “government” first associates with the federal level: the District of Columbia, the Pentagon, Congress, the Senate, the White House, etc. However, our specialized IT solutions for governments are for entities at the local level—cities, counties, parishes, boroughs, townships, and tribal nations tasked with building safer, more productive citizens and communities.

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Legal Services

One of the biggest obstacles citizens face in seeking legal counsel is cost of services. The purpose behind law office technology is about increasing day-to-day efficiency, and thereby making legal services more affordable and more accessible. IT and network services for attorneys and law firms present a world of opportunity for integrating and expediting simple tasks or expanding the reach and capabilities of their practice. The globalization of countless firms, as well as the emergence of remote and virtual law offices, uses powerful mobile devices, Software-as-a-Service, and secure web-based technology to allow legal professionals to work from virtually anywhere.

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Manufacturing IT

Take your design and production capabilities to the next level with improved technology solutions.

Improved Processes Begin with Improved Technology

Manufacturing is all about creating practical value where there was once only potential, converting raw materials into finished products. In light of this, it stands to reason that productivity would be the primary concern for members of this industry. Modern technology solutions have been created for the express purpose of improving potential productivity, and when implemented and managed by an IT professional, they can be used to their maximum efficiency.

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Today, education and technology go hand-in-hand. Modern classrooms are equipped with PCs, tablets, audio and visual technology, interactive whiteboards, webcams, etc. and wired with Internet connection for a level of research and study unprecedented to date. Institutions with adequate funding are putting laptops and tablets into the hands of their students, while others are seeing the benefits of implementing an all-digital library. That’s not to mention the emergence of teacher-based content management systems (CMS) for designing, storing, and delivering online curriculum.

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Hospitality & Tourism

Western South Dakota is home to many attractions and recreational opportunities that draw thousands upon thousands of tourists year after year. Mountain Rushmore Monument is a world-renowned American landmark, while the Black Hills National Forest ranks as a top destination for outdoor adventure and activity. Every summer, our region welcomes visitors from around the globe who come to experience history, leisure, and natural beauty.

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Special Events

The Black Hills of Western South Dakota are a world-renowned destination for business opportunity, industrial activity, residential living, outdoor enjoyment, tourism, and a number of special events. Each year, the area plays host to a variety of temporary expositions, conventions, tradeshows, fairs, rallies, etc. Perhaps you’ve heard of the legendary Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo, or the Central States Fair? These are just a few small examples of the types of special events held here in Western South Dakota that stir up excitement and draw the masses to our beautiful community.

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