Educational Institutions

Today, education and technology go hand-in-hand. Modern classrooms are equipped with PCs, tablets, audio and visual technology, interactive whiteboards, webcams, etc. and wired with Internet connection for a level of research and study unprecedented to date. Institutions with adequate funding are putting laptops and tablets into the hands of their students, while others are seeing the benefits of implementing an all-digital library. That’s not to mention the emergence of teacher-based content management systems (CMS) for designing, storing, and delivering online curriculum.

Not only is technology revolutionizing the way teachers teach and students learn, it’s reshaping the way teachers, students, and parents of students communicate with one another. Today, grades and progress reports are delivered through online student portals, and parent-teacher connection is as simple as sending an email.

IT Challenges

The adoption of modern technology is unavoidable for today’s educators. Failing to implement new learning technologies means missing out on valuable teaching opportunities and put students behind the curve when it comes to using technology itself. Likewise, there are a number of different challenges educators and administration face when it comes to IT.

A lack of professional development and resistance to change are certain challenges administrators may face in adapting their faculties to the IT revolution. If you’re not keeping up with digital and virtual models for education, you’re losing students to institutions that are. Educational institutions must also be aware of potential security threats to digital student files, and therefore, manage information in compliance with FERPA regulations.

Technology itself is a learning process for all, students and teachers alike, and KT Connections is here to help. Our solutions are designed to provide administrators and teachers the technological tools they need to teach at the height of educational standards.

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