Governmental Entities

Generally, the word “government” first associates with the federal level: the District of Columbia, the Pentagon, Congress, the Senate, the White House, etc. However, our specialized IT solutions for governments are for entities at the local level—cities, counties, parishes, boroughs, townships, and tribal nations tasked with building safer, more productive citizens and communities.

Today, more than ever, local governments fall under increased pressure to do more with less. By more, we mean increased and improved solutions and services to satisfy tax-payers and protect citizens. By less, we mean, of course, less funding. Doing more with less is the definition of efficiency, and efficiency is the foundation of the IT industry.

IT Challenges

Anyone with an eye or ear for headlining news in recent years can cite an example or two of governmental entities that have suffered monumental IT challenges. The biggest challenge of all? Security. How can governmental entities increase efficiency with information technology while safeguarding the security of critical information? When it comes to the use of technology in local governments, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) provides a strict set of guidelines for regulatory compliance. Meeting these standards are some of the biggest challenges these entities face.

Today, local governments are taking on big IT challenges in order to play greater roles in the national economy. They’re incorporating technological advances to mobilize their workers, enhance communication and collaboration, unite disparate systems, upgrade intelligence networks, and utilize data to provide better services and protect the safety of citizens—all with the help of NIST compliant IT solutions from expert business technology consultantss like KT Connections.

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