The Healthcare Industry

The Black Hills of western South Dakota boast a strong medical system with the best healthcare providers the region has to offer. Today, our physicians provide patient care within a growing network of hospitals, medical clinics, dental practices, pharmacies, community health centers, nursing homes, diagnostic laboratories, etc. In addition to the individual expertise of each of our region’s healthcare professionals, it’s the connection between these facilities and providers that builds a strong comprehensive healthcare system.

The services of the medical industry are preventative, curative, rehabilitative, palliative, and promotional in nature. Providing the best patient care across a broad spectrum of specialties requires an elevated level of information sharing, and, therefore, an elevated level of healthcare IT solutions.

IT Challenges

The list of IT challenges faced by the healthcare industry is lengthy and demanding. Tasks and trials often include finding the right technology for an EHR (Electronic Health Record) system; staying compliant with billing and transaction standards; observing “meaningful use” regulations for Medicaid and Medicare incentives; expanding services and lowering costs with Cloud computing; keeping up with narrowing HIPAA/HITECH standards; implementing web-based applications, or “patient portals;” addressing security concerns in the incorporation of mobile technology; enhancing data sharing for incorporated levels of care; and staying current with in absentia health care. Appropriately addressing these and other additional IT challenges allows healthcare providers to more appropriately meet the needs of patients.

Our solutions are for institutions both large and small. Extensive experience in the healthcare industry allows us to substitute or supplement an in-house healthcare system IT staff. We offer the following solutions that meet compliance standards in healthcare provision:

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How KT Connections Helped a Client Outgrow Their Services
One of the highest compliments that an MSP can receive is to have a client outgrow their services through the use of their technology. See how the Rapid City Medical Center was able to do so with KT Connections’ help.


Community Health Case Study

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Learn how Co-Managed IT helped one Healthcare provider improve efficiency and maintain compliance standards.

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Healthcare Case Study

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Learn how proactive managed IT helped one healthcare provider improve the efficiency and maintain HIPPA and HiTECH compliance standards.

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